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Day of the dead, means...Party?!


Hollywood Forever-Celebrates the Dead!

Dia De Los Muertos…Day of the dead, meets
, Hollywood Forever that is.

Hollywood Forever is known for being a fairly non-traditional cemetery, which, considering many of its tenants seems fitting.

With movies in the cemetery over for the season, the cemetery has a few last parties in it. One is happening tomorrow!

Dia De Los Muertos 10th anniversary at the cemetary is happening this year. There’s something for everyone. Face painting, musical performances, food, and some awe inspiring altar work.

The event isn’t just a party, there are ceremonies, documentary screenings, and of course honoring of the dead.

The Aztec tradition is something rooted deep in tradition, and many people take the event very seriously. However, in Aztec tradition that includes dancing, praising the dead, elaborate costumes and art…it is not about mourning, or sadness-the day is treated more like a celebration of life, both of those no longer with us, and our own.

So come out and celebrate, life, death, and everything in between.

October 24th at Hollywood Forever. Directions, parking and other information can all be found at Hollywood Forever.