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Day of Remembrance for Eyvind Kinnrifi on February 9th

Hail and Bright Blessings.

This Sunday marks a very important remembrance date for those who follow the Heathen Path in our fair Land of the Fresh Water Seas. It marks the day on which Eyvind Kinnrifi, a farmer of noble birth and leader in Trondheim, Norway, is honored and memorialized for when the King

"Olaf tortured him to death by placing a bowl of red-hot embers on his stomach until his body burst open. Eyvind?s crime was a steadfast loyalty to the Old Gods."

True to his Faith, even under torture, this hero met his death rather than to betray his dedication to them. History shows this martyr

Many shall be feasting on this holiday, and the ale shall flow freely. Friends and family, kindren and kind, shall assemble and mark with honor the pride with which this man held firm. It is a good day to hold a Sumbel.

"The sumbel is also an important time for the folk to get to know each other in a more intimate way than most people are willing to share."

This is a drinking ritual, but more than that, it is a form of communal bonding, of fellowship.

As a special addition to today's column, included here is a ritual that friends and/or family use to mark the day.

"Volmarr’s Heathen Ritual for Day of Remembrance of Eyvind Kinnrifi Feb-9-2013

• drinking horn
• mead (or beer or wine or even can use juice)
• offering bowl
• candles (optional)
• wand (if you don’t have one you can use your fingers instead)
• (optional) Ritual Thor’s Hammer as a good symbol of Heathen faith


This ritual, as are all Heathen or northern rituals, is done while facing north, except where otherwise noted. The altar should be such that it is in front of you when you face north.

Few silent deep breaths.

All stand in Elhaz position.

Elhaz Position 1

“Bi-Frost’s rainbow light shine down upon this space and myself so that I may form a portal between the worlds of Asgard and Midgard”


Few silent deep breaths.


All face north and trace the Hammer Sign while chanting:

“Hammer in the north hallow and ward this stead”

All turn east and trace the Hammer Sign while chanting:

“Hammer in the east hallow and ward this stead”

All turn south and trace the Hammer Sign while chanting:

“Hammer in the south hallow and ward this stead”

All turn west trace the Hammer Sign while chanting:

“Hammer in the west hallow and ward this stead”

All return to north and look up and trace Hammer sign while chanting:

“Hammer above hallow and ward this stead”

All look below and trace Hammer sign while chanting:

“Hammer below hallow and ward this stead”


Return to facing north and all stand in the Elhaz position and chant:

“Around me and within me Asgard and Midgard”

Dagaz Position 1

and move into the Dagaz position in the end.


Few silent deep breaths.


“Today I make a special toast to honor the memory of the Heathen hero Eyvind Kinnrifi, who during the late Viking age on this day, was tortured and murdered when he refused to convert to Christianity. I make this toast not out of anger to those who wrongly tried to force their religion upon him, but instead to honor the great courage and strength of will of Eyvind Kinnrifi for not backing down in sticking to what he believed in, and knew was right no matter how much oppression he experienced from others. People who stick to what they know is right in the face of difficult obstacles, are spiritual warriors, and win a place in Asgard. May we learn courage and strength of will, and fortitude to stick with our convictions from his example.”

Fill horn with drink and hold it up.

“Hail to the spiritual hero Eyvind Kinnrifi! May we share in your strength of will!”

Drink some of drink and pour rest to offering bowl.


Use the pine twig to splash a bit of the liquid in the offering bowl on yourself, on any others in the ritual with you, on your altar, on the ritual space, and in all general areas of your dwelling as well. Does not need to be much splashed around, just a little is fine. This helps to imbue more of the energies of the ritual on you, and others who may also in the ritual with you, and to your place.


“Now my rite has ended. May all gathered here fare well on their return to their home places. And may the bonds of frith between us grow, gods, wights, and humans alike. Until we meet again.”


Pour out the offerings from the offering bowl outside:

“A gift for a gift”

Trace gebo at spot offerings were given to.




Now at this point it is very important to ground your energies. This should always be done after every ritual. Not doing so can lead to problems in the long-run. Grounding is like shifting gears in a car, except it is the process of shifting brain states. During rituals you create a trance like brain state, which is desired for during rituals or for during any spiritual practices. But trance states are not good for doing everyday mundane things. You need to return your mind back to the normal state of consciousness after the ritual is finished. That is what grounding is.

The most simple and common method to ground is to visualize yourself as a tree and see roots growing into the ground from the base of your spine and going down into the earth. Sometimes rituals require industrial strength grounding as they can really create some intense energy. In that case you can try the following triple grounding method.:

First visualize your chakras. You picture in your mind closing first the top one and then seeing a sort of lid closing over it, then proceed with the net lower chakra and so on. You want to leave the bottom most chakra, the root chakra fully open as this is your connection to grounding. Don’t be concerned about having the others closed, the normal proper function of them is that they open and close as needed. Problems with being ungrounded happen when one of more of them are stuck open. Only the bottom one is to be left open at all times.

Next step is to picture a ball of pure white light above your head. Now let this white light slowly descent downward into your body and slowly move lower. As it descends it takes with it any unneeded, old, and negative energies. It is sort of sweeping downward through your energies taking all you no longer need with it. Once it reaches your feet let it move lower till it passes down through the floor. If you are on an upper close let it pass all the way to the ground. Let the earth take this energy to recycle it.

Now final step is to do the traditional grounding. Picture yourself as a tree. Visualize roots coming out of the base of your spine and going down into the Earth. Feel the calmness of a tree, the rooted solidness.

If after these three things you still feel hyper or spaced out you can either eat some food, or put a small amount of salt on your tongue. Another thing you can do is prostrate down to the ground, placing your head on the ground and stay like this for a few moments.


Feel free to copy and use this ritual so long as you acknowledge the source.

Download this as a OpenOffice Doc – Volmarr’s Heathen Ritual for Day of Remembrance of Eyvind Kinnrifi Feb-9-2013

One of the things most noted is that when people gather together to feast and commune, whether at a Celtic Wiccan gathering, a Blot, or other event is that usually there is alcohol. This is not something that is chosen only because it relaxes and loosens people up, but because

"One of the reasons that alcohol was preferred is that it is closely associated with human blood. Alcohol, like blood is alive in a sense."

For some of us, this is not only a libation for us, but to the Gods as well. For those who do not imbibe, it is recommended that a rich fruit juice or nectar be substituted. Think of what you would want, and let that be your guide.

Good food is a must. It is preferable to cook it at home, in your own hearth, than to cater. This lets the love go into the food, and it shows.

Looking for an alternative to beer or ale? Try a hometown favorite, Vernors Ginger Ale. Created in 1862, this fiery drink has made many a Detroit Pagan taste its bite and gasp for more. It would also be a great time to make the children a Boston Cooler for dessert.

May you and yours be well and strong. To my Odinist friend, know that you are "welcome in my house".

Raise the horn.

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