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Day of protest against NSA planned

There remains a lot of heated emotions over the NSA spying scandal which has been leaked to the public by self-exiled Edward Snowden. Advocacy groups are planning a day of protest against NSA surveillance, reports PC World on Jan. 10, 2014. On Saturday Feb. 11 a group of activist groups and Internet companies are planning a coordinated protest against U.S. National Security Agency surveillance.

Activists dressed as spies protesting the National Security Agency's (NSA) eavesdropping in Washington, DC.
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

This protest is called the "Day We Fight Back." The day of the protest is a month after the anniversary of Internet activist Aaron Swartz’s death. Last January Swartz committed suicide while he was facing a 35-year prison sentence for hacking into a Massachusetts Institute of Technology network and downloading research articles. Organizations which are participating in the protest include Demand Progress, an activist group which Swartz co-founded, as well as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Free Press, Reddit and Mozilla.

The broad coalition of well-known organizations has announced that they will stage an online protest against extensive government surveillance of Internet users on Feb. 11, reports Computerworld. The protesters are planning to encourage people to contact lawmakers and put pressure on them to help put an end to the NSA's aggressive information collection activities on the "Day of Action in Opposition to Mass Spying, Honoring Aaron Swartz and SOPA Blackout Anniversary." The activists are deeply concerned that the NSA's unconstitutional surveillance programs attack our basic rights to privacy, and strike at the very foundations of democracy.

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