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Day of Dialogue 2014 puts focus on Christ's views of sexuality and other topics

Day of Dialogue 2014 is a day of witnessing about God's views on topics of sexuality, bullying, and more
Day of Dialogue 2014 is a day of witnessing about God's views on topics of sexuality, bullying, and more
Day of Dialogue

This Thursday, April 10th, Christian students from all across the United States will engage in the Day of Dialogue 2014 . The Day of Dialogue, a student led event sponsored by Focus on the Family, is all about balancing the scales of influence within the schools by presenting Christ's model for love, relationships, sexuality and family. There seems to be no better time for it with the heat being turned up concerning the ability to take a stand on one's beliefs. To be clear, the First Amendment to the United States' constitution allows for the freedom of speech. The speech the amendment refers to is not limited to secular conversation but it includes the freedom of religious speech as well.

This right has been falling through the cracks and ignored in some cases as of late. Nevertheless, as these children prepare to take a stand for the Lord during the Day of Dialogue, they should be equipped with the knowledge that they are not going against the law but rather exercising their rights as American citizens. The Alliance Defending Freedom has put together a downloadable Day of Dialogue Memorandum that explains these rights to parents and their children. The memorandum can also be given to school officials, if necessary.

It's good for Christian youth to know that their rights are protected because as history serves as a witness, school officials and others have tried to tell students that they cannot talk to other students about Jesus— that's absolutely false. Jesus is controversial to people and our society is hostile to conservative views about homosexuality, same-sex marriage, premarital sex and other kinds of sexual immorality. The memo, by The Alliance Defending Freedom, lets students know that the Supreme Court of the United States has upheld freedom of religious speech citing the verbiage from The Third District Court during Saxe v. State College Area School District stating, "The Supreme Court has held time and again, both within and outside of the school context, that the mere fact that someone might take offense at the content of speech is not sufficient justification for prohibiting it.”

God's word says that one plants, one waters, but only He can add the increase. Increase will only come once the planting and watering start. If it's the Lord's will He will increase the body of Christ on the Day of Dialogue. and He will also spiritually increase those participants who are truly taking a stand in His word and giving Jesus the glory. For more information and resources about the Day of Dialogue, log on to