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Day care clients, community and police have mixed opinions on Pamela Wood arrest

Pamela Wood, charged with child neglect and other violations
Pamela Wood, charged with child neglect and other violations

Parents in the Greenville area are divided on the case of Pamela Wood, who was recently arrested for daycare violations. WYFF4 broke the news March 11 after receiving countless messages defending Ms. Wood.

This situation began back on February 21 when EMS was called to the home after being dispatched that a non-responsive baby was present. The 3-month-old baby was pronounced dead at an area hospital, and no cause of death has been determined at this time.

Deputies found many violations in the home day care, including a loaded gun within reach of children on a bookcase, alcohol in an unlocked cabinet and too many children in the home. Fourteen children were discovered in the basement, where the 16-year-old daughter of Ms. Wood was hiding them. Two children were also found unattended in a master bedroom.

Deputies say Wood was operating a home day care in violation of regulations, which only allows six children to be cared for at a given time. Wood has been in trouble for this in the past when DSS stated she had more children under her care than allowed by DHEC regulations.

Wood is alleged to have told officers she was only caring for the number allowed. Officers report Wood had provided them with false information throughout this case.

The daycare was ordered closed for 45 days, beginning on February 21.

Pamela Wood was arrested March 6 and charged with child neglect, violation of day care licensing and obstructing justice. She bonded out on Friday.

Now for the flip side. Wood has many supporters, who have come forward to defend her and her daycare.

One concerned parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, stated to WYFF4

"Ms. Pam ran one of the best day cares in Greenville and that's why every parent wanted their child there. The education and love those children received while in her care was phenomenal. I can only speak for my family and how we feel. Ms. Pam's daycare is being railroaded and needs to be cleared of all charges. I am sure I'm not the only current parent that feels this way."

Several parents have expressed only praise for Wood, and think there's much more to this story. Their children are upset not being allowed to go to daycare, and Wood is forbidden to speak with parents since this is a pending case.

Opponents to Wood don't believe she should be allowed to reopen the day care. There were too many things wrong, and it would put the children in danger. The accusation by police that Wood lied to them on several occasions doesn't help her case.

How do you feel about this case, which has made the local news several times over the past week? Your comments are welcome.

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