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Day by day, the moon sign way with July gardening advisory

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Celestial preview for July

Independence Day precedes Dog Days and summer heat. Virgo and Libra moons play host for the arrival of the Dog Star constellation. Within it are two large stars said to emit heat like miniature suns. Moon transiting Virgo’s arc is prominent in July due to her nearby constellation and that she occupies five out of thirty-one days.

Celestial preview of first week

A short week begins with Leo moon quickly transitioning into Virgo the purist for two days. July fourth hosts a harmonious weekend.

July 1
Leo - red, orange, yellow, royal blue

Leo’s roar is short lived and transitions quickly. Ask for a favor, or sign contracts

July 2, 3
Virgo – white, gray, navy blue
Wednesday, Thursday
Dog Days begins on third

Virgo is a sign of purity and children. Focus on these. Detailed work benefits from Virgo moon because of her patience. Writing is favored. Attention to health and hygiene issues is suggested. Look for misplaced objects.

July 4, 5
Libra - pink, shades of light blue or green
Friday, Saturday

Independence day July 4
First Quarter July 5

Libra pleasantries make for two nice days. At home, organize cupboards, desks, closets. Shop. Show affection to loved ones. Beauty treatments are favored.

Gardening - plant flowers for beauty and scent

Celestial preview for second week

A week with lots of variety leads up to the full moon on Saturday. A hot and sultry beginning is typical of Dog Days. Projects for the month should come to fruition.

July 7, 8
Scorpio - burgundy, turquoise, dark blue
Monday, Tuesday

Suspicion is in the air. Let a few days pass before presenting those that crop up on these two days. A sexy encounter is possible.

Gardening - transplant; trim to increase growth

July 9, 10
Sagittarius – cobalt blue, purple, tan
Wednesday, Thursday

Write letters; send mail; ask for a favor. Travel. Candor is more easily accepted these days.

July 11, 12
Capricorn - pink chocolate brown, black, indigo, flannel gray
Friday, Saturday
Full Moon Saturday

Gardening - cultivate

Celestial Preview for third week

A slow down is in store for the first part of the week. On Tuesday Pisces may bring storms. Two days of ambitious energy comes along with Aries moon at the end of the week. Move projects toward a finishing point rather than starting anew.

July 13, 14
Aquarius – violet, iridescent blue
Sunday, Monday

Aquarius isn’t conducive to a production oriented atmosphere. A fixed sign ruled by Uranus it draws higher thoughts, meditation, sudden insights, kindness to fellow man.

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