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Day by day, the moon sign way plus gardening advisory

A bright night crescent lights the atmosphere
A bright night crescent lights the atmosphere
carol gibson

Celestial Preview for May

May’s pleasant temperatures point thoughts to the summer ahead. Mother’s Day, Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day are denoted traditional events. The week after Memorial Day is graced with three days of moon in Gemini, a mercurial sign that favors travel and communication.

Celestial Preview for the first week

Gemini accompanies pleasant weather for these three days. New moon continues. May’s conclusion with three days of Gemini moon equals five days of good travel conditions for May.

May 1, 2

Gemini - yellow, orange or any color

Thursday, Friday

Sociability is a highpoint. Communicate, write, travel. Organize; Balance checkbook.

Gardening cultivate for aeration.

May 3 (4, 5)

Cancer - light gray, soft yellow, white

Saturday (Sunday, Monday)

Known for fluidity, the expression of these days will run best with a focus on domestic activities. Family oriented events work well. Beauty treatments and shopping recommended. Writing is also well-suited.

Gardening – Fertile Cancer the Crab lends three excellent days for planting above ground crops plus transplanting.

Celestial preview for the second week

Carefree days midweek set a playful yet honorable Leonine atmosphere. Otherwise, home and family themes dominate. Spring cleaning tasks receive the blessing of patient Virgo. A shift to the first quarter welcomes new beginnings.

May 3 (4, 5)

Cancer - light gray, soft yellow, white

Sunday, Monday

A sign of beauty, Cancer favors home and family concerns. Monday is a good day to regroup the home base in preparation for the upcoming week. Beauty treatments are favored - shopping also.

Gardening – Continue planting above-ground crops. Plant leafy greens.

May 6, 7

Leo - red, orange, yellow, royal blue

Tuesday, Wednesday

First quarter moon on Tuesday

Sign contracts. Ask for favors. Imbued with playful energy, the Leo influence draws social events center stage.

May 8, 9, 10

Virgo – white, gray, navy blue

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Children in the limelight receive Virgo’s extra blessing of patience. Writing is favored. Health and hygiene issues are in the forefront. Look for misplaced articles.

Gardening – clean garden of debris. Tend to hygienic issues.

Celestial preview for third week

Midweek full moon brings a turnabout. Organizing and travel are highlights. Projects begun in the first quarter moon phase should be coming to fruition.

May 11, 12

Libra - pink, shades of light blue or green

Sunday, Monday

Themes of Libran harmony and beauty surround the first of the week. Organizing is a good activity. Shopping receives the benefit of Libra’s balancing scales. Beauty treatments are beneficial due to Libra’s alliance with Venus.

Gardening - Plant flowers for beauty and fragrance

May 13, 14

Scorpio - burgundy, turquoise, dark blue

Tuesday, Wednesday

Full moon on Wednesday

Scorpio themes of darkness and mystery are a prelude to the full moon. Suspicions crop up though they may be unwarranted. Whispers of sex, death, and regeneration are wrapped into the shadowy Scorpio presence. Blended recipes work well. Cut hair to increase thickness.

Gardening – stay out of the garden during full moon phase

Notes on how to use this forecast – As earth’s closest celestial body, the moon affects all living things on earth. Listed colors are consistent with the harmonics of the planet representing each astrology sign given.

Consult UT tables for areas outside of the Northern Hemisphere. The following description of the moon’s activities is unique. Any combination described here won’t happen again for over four hundred years.

May 15, 16

Sagittarius - cobalt blue, purple, tan

Tuesday, Wednesday

Sporty Sagittarius features travel, and play – write letters; communicate. Ask for a favor. Candor is better accepted on these days.

May 17 (18)

Capricorn – pink, chocolate brown, black, indigo, flannel gray

Saturday (Sunday)

Responsibility is a keyword. Take care of a dreaded task. Make repairs. Advantageous shopping conditions come with the no-nonsense Capricorn influence.

Gardening – excellent days for cultivation

Celestial preview for the fourth week

Moving into the last quarter moon on Wednesday signals a period of culmination followed by conclusion. Take advantage of Capricorn on Sunday to face the week with earthbound energy. Otherwise most of the week isn’t particularly productivity oriented. Saturday receives a minor boost of Aries energy. Rest and relaxation are recommended.

May 18

Capricorn – pink, chocolate brown, black, indigo, flannel gray

Sunday, Monday

“Do what you gottta do.” Shopping is favored.

May 19, 20, 21

Aquarius – turquoise or pink

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Last quarter moon on Wednesday

Coupled with diminished lunar energy, Aquarius intensifies the slow pace. Stop, look, and think. Kindness toward fellow humans is a highpoint. Read new age literature. Meditate.

May 22, 23

Pisces - ocean green, red, violet

Thursday, Friday

Dreamy Pisces features sensitivity and creativity. Writing and works of art benefit from Pisces alliance with Venus. Blended recipes work well.

Gardening – plant root crops and bulbs

May 24 (25)

Aries - red, white, orange, yellow

Saturday (Sunday)

Aries impulsiveness may push for accomplishment. A fiery take off needs a “reality check.” Idealism shoots toward the stars, but reality calls for feet-on-the-ground planning.

Gardening - remove unwanted growth during this “killing sign”

Celestial preview for the last week

Did someone say feet on the ground? Taurus accommodates this sentiment two days before the new moon sets in. Now is a good time to plant an “idea seed” for the lunar month activities. Slow travel sets the pace for Memorial Day on Tuesday.

May 25

Aries - red, white, orange, yellow


“Plan the work and work the plan.”

May 26, 27

Taurus - pink, pale blue & green, reddish brown, dark tan

Monday, Tuesday

Taurus mindset is geared for pleasure. Happiness is found in the fragrance of beautiful flowers. Beauty treatments are favored. Earthy themes of pleasurable yet simple activities: good meals, get togethers with friends and family, home beautification

Gardening – Cultivate

May 28, 29, 30

Gemini - yellow, orange or any color

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

New moon on Wednesday

Memorial Day

Versatile Gemini is in command for three days. Travel, communication, and sociability blend with a light and airy environment.

Gardening – cultivate to aerate soil

May 31

Cancer - light gray, soft yellow, white


Travelers receive a homey welcome allowing domestic concerns to surface. Beauty treatments are favored. Shopping goes well. Family relationships are highlighted.

Gardening - Plant flowers for beauty and fragrance

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