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Day by Day, the moon sign way for March 2014

A pink lining in the misty moonlight
A pink lining in the misty moonlight
carol gibson

Celestial preview for the month

An interesting synchronicity of cardinal moon signs has each Monday and Tuesday graced with good shopping days. A full moon in Virgo, the Earth Mother, graces the planting season. Spring begins officially on the 20th EST.

Celestial preview of first week (Saturday)

New moon synchronizes with the first day of March

March 1 (2)

Pisces - ocean green, red, violet


New Moon

Writing, beauty treatments, and brewing are steeped in the dreamy cast of Neptune’s influence. Verify all plans to avoid confusion.

Celestial preview of the second week

An interesting cadence of the moon signs blends nicely with Julian calendar days. The motion of New moon shifts to First quarter moon on the weekend. Now is the best time for planning; setting goals.

March 2

Pisces - ocean green, red, violet


Pisces and other-worldly themes highlight the day. Confusion lurks in the mist.

March 3, 4

Aries - red, white, orange, yellow

Monday, Tuesday

Expect a fiery take off for the work week. Ambition and idealism permeate the air. Avoid impulsive actions. Drive defensively. Be realistic with goals.

March 5, 6

Taurus - pink, pale blue & green, reddish brown, dark tan

Wednesday, Thursday

Fiery energy slowly fades into an earthy ambiance. A focus on loveliness and contentment highlights children, home and family. Beauty treatments are favored.

March 7, 8 (9)

Gemini - yellow, orange or any color

Friday, Saturday (Sunday)

First Quarter on Saturday

Mercurial Gemini features travel, communication, and sociability. Writing is favored along with organizing. Balance the checkbook, or go over budget.

Celestial preview for third week

Daylight Savings Time heralds the oncoming spring season. A home, family, and children focus opens the week. The first Day of Lent begins on Sunday. Three days of Leo the Lion bring drama, sociability, slower traffic.

March 9

Gemini - yellow, orange or any color


Take care of financial issues. Communicate. Visit with friends. Balance checkbook. Organize.

March 10, 11

Monday, Tuesday

Cancer - light gray, soft yellow, white

Family and children take precedence. Any home focused activity works well. Writing is fluent under this water sign. Beauty treatments are highlighted through a Cancer/Venus influence. Shopping is also good.

March 12, 13, 14

Leo - red, orange, yellow, royal blue

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Leo adores the stage. Drama could be fun or annoying. Sign contracts or ask for a favor.

March 15 (16)

Virgo – white, gray, navy blue

Saturday (Sunday)

Hygiene and health focus is recommended. Writing is accommodated through Virgo’s knack for detail. Family and children play an important role.

Celestial Preview for fourth week

The full moon syncs with the first day of the week and a continuation of the Virgo influence. Libra brings pleasantries for midweek including Saint Patrick’s Day. Spring begins Thursday EST. A road trip meets with a favorable travel period for the weekend.

March 16

Virgo – white, gray, navy blue


Full Moon on Sunday

Extremes are possible with amplification through the full moon. Purist mentality may lead to criticism. Cleaning and health issues; children are highlighted today.

March 17, 18

Libra - pink, shades of light blue or green

Monday, Tuesday

For hopelessly disorganized people, Libra is a godsend. Shopping is favored. Beauty treatments. Focus on all things lovely.

March 19, 20, 21

Scorpio - burgundy, turquoise, dark blue

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Suspicion runs high with mysterious Scorpio. Downplay uncertainties for a few days. Sexual magic could lead to a midnight rendezvous.

March 22 (23)

Sagittarius - cobalt blue, purple, tan


Take a road trip. Have a candid conversation. Write. Send letters. The ambiance: playful and good-humored.

Celestial Preview for the last week

Sunday holds the same fun loving energy until Capricorn. Cap ushers all into a levelheaded frame of mind. Mid-week a slower, ethereal pace sets in. The weekend atmosphere drifts into a repeat visit with Pisces

March 23

Sagittarius - cobalt blue, purple, tan


Last Quarter Moon

Communication is straight forward as Sagittarius transitions to Capricorn.

March 24, 25

Capricorn – pink, chocolate brown, black, indigo, flannel gray

Sunday, Monday

Start the work week with Capricorn’s “do what you got to do” attitude. Set fence posts. Make repairs. Take on a dreaded task.

March 26, 27

Aquarius – turquoise or pink

Wednesday, Thursday

Last Quarter goes hand in hand with diminished solar energy. The flowing water symbolism of Aquarius represents consciousness poured upon the masses. Higher thoughts, meditation and reading activities are harmonious with this blend of energies. A humanitarian sentiment inspires kindness.

March 28, 29

Pisces - ocean green, red, violet

Friday, Saturday

A dreamy pursuit leads to creativity. Writing and works of art benefit from the Piscean flow. Brewing is favored. Beauty treatments flow nicely with the Aquarian mode.

March 30, 31

Aries - red, white, orange, yellow

Sunday, Monday

New Moon on Sunday

Ambition and idealism permeate the air. Plant the seed of an idea and let it grow in the subconscious before acting on sudden inspirations. Work with machinery.

How to use this forecast:

The Moon Sign forecast describes the emanation of an overall lunar effect. These days need not match any particular Sun Sign to be effective. The days are modified depending on location and hemisphere. If the Moon sign and the Sun sign match, it’s usually a perk.

Listed colors are consistent with the harmonics of the astrology sign’s representative planet. These are noted in each two or three day segment.

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