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Day by day, the moon sign way for February 2014

Optical illusion created by the moon's close proximity
Optical illusion created by the moon's close proximity
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Celestial Preview of the month

During the first eight days of the month, the new moon transitions into first quarter. Fresh starts and new beginnings make this period opportune for preparation. The transition from new moon to first quarter opens the gateway to the inception of plans. The last quarter moon phase toward the end of the month coordinates with the conventional calendar. This bolsters productive activity in the face of sun entering the arc of dreamy Pisces which occurs also toward the end of February. For notes how-to use this forecast, scroll to the bottom of the article.

“We loved the stars too much to be fearful of the night” Brashear

Celestial Preview for the first week

Leap year month kickoff highlights creativity.

February 1
Pisces - ocean green, red, violet

The shrouded planet Neptune represents Pisces. It fosters imagination and is best used for creativity. Write. Focus on themes of beauty. Brewing is favored. Blended recipes work well.

Celestial preview for second week

A burst of fiery energy benefits from Aries do-it-now temperament during the week preceding first quarter moon. Planning an agenda helps temper overly ambitious projects. Be realistic instead of idealistic.

February 2
Pisces - ocean green, red, violet
New Moon continued

Pisces otherworldly sensuality often trends toward confusion. This energy could manifest in the form of shrouded issues or daydreaming. A good day to focus on spirituality, creativity and beautiful works of art. Verify appointments. Favorable time for beauty treatments

February 3, 4
Aries - red, white, orange, yellow
Monday, Tuesday

Aries focused and fiery ambition leads to accomplishment. Don't set unrealistic goals. Good shopping days.

February 5, 6, 7
Taurus - pink, pale blue & green, reddish brown, dark tan
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
First Quarter Moon on Thursday

Earthy Taurus and contentment go hand in hand. A love of beauty takes the forefront with Taurus representative planet, Venus. Home, children, good food, and friends are included in the theme of all things beautiful.

February 8 (9)
Gemini - yellow, orange or any color
Saturday, (Sunday)

Take a weekend road trip. Write letters send mail. Sociability runs high with mercurial Gemini Twins.

Celestial preview for third week

Generosity is free flowing with the full moon visiting the arc of Leo the Lion on Valentine’s Day. Cancer dominates three days with a home and family-focused sentiment. Saturday centers on health, hygiene and family concerns.

February 9
Gemini - yellow, orange or any color

As air sign Gemini winds up its influence, family themes intermingle with sociability.

February 10, 11, 12
Cancer - light gray, soft yellow, white

Home loving Cancer takes over the next three days heading into to a full moon in Leo. Sensitive Cancer brings themes of nurturing and beauty to the forefront. Writing is fluent with this water sign. Beauty treatments and shopping are favored.

February 13, 14
Leo - red, orange, yellow, royal blue
Thursday, Friday
Full Moon on Friday

Key words for this dramatic sign are “pomp and circumstance.” Ask for favors. Play. Sign contracts under the moon sign influence of the noble King of the Jungle. Happy Full Moon Valentine's Day.

February 15, (16, 17)
Virgo– white, gray, navy blue
Saturday, (Sunday, Monday)

Virgo and purity go hand in hand. This includes children and hygiene. Focus on tasks requiring patience. Look for misplaced objects. Writing is also favored.

Celestial Preview for fourth week

This week transitions from full moon into the last quarter moon phase. Full moon signifies fruition of projects begun earlier this month. By the end of the week it’s time for finishing projects begun earlier in the month. Saturday brings the last quarter phase – find time for rest and relaxation.

February 16, 17
Virgo– white, gray, navy blue
Monday, Tuesday

Virgo themes continue for the first part of the week. Highlighted activity: Cleaning, hygiene, children are focal points. Writing, sewing; any kind of detailed work benefits from Virgo's patience. Look for misplaced items.

February 18, 19
Libra - pink, shades of light blue or green
Tuesday, Wednesday

Organize. Beauty treatments are favored. Shop.

February 20, 21
Scorpio - burgundy, turquoise, dark blue
Thursday, Friday

Avoid presenting suspicions that could be unfounded.

February 22, (23, 24)
Sagittarius - cobalt blue, purple, tan
Saturday, (Sunday, Monday)

Last quarter moon phase on Saturday

Travel. Write letters, send mail, communicate. Ask for a favor. Have a candid conversation.

Celestial Preview for the last week

Use this week for finishing and taking care of loose ends. This is a time to catch up on rest and relaxation. The weekend is best for smooth travel. The end of the month coordinates with the last quarter phase. Start the new month on a new page.

February 23, 24
Sagittarius - cobalt blue, purple, tan
Sunday, Monday
Last Quarter

If a road trip isn’t possible, a get together with friends is optimal. Expect candor in conversations. Writing and communication are favored. Ask for a favor.

February 25, 26
Capricorn – pink, chocolate brown, black, indigo, flannel gray
Tuesday, Wednesday

Conservative Capricorn brings a conservative focus on responsibility. Fix machinery. Repair and recycle instead of buying new.

February 27, 28
Aquarius – turquoise or pink
Thursday, Friday

Stop, look, and think. Combined with last quarter moon phase, Meditation or prayer is recommended. Do a kind deed.

Notes: The Moonsigns of the day describe a general mood for everyone. These days need not match anyone’s Sun Sign to be effective. The times are modified depending on location and hemisphere.

Listed colors are consistent with the harmonics of the astrology sign’s representative planet. A fresh moon sign is mentioned in each two or three day segment.

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