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Day by day, June, the moon sign way plus gardening advisory II

Clouds create an eye in the sky effect.
Clouds create an eye in the sky effect.
carol gibson

June 14 (15)

Capricorn – pink, chocolate brown, black, indigo, flannel gray

Saturday (Sunday)

The word conservative describes the essence of Capricorn. Make repairs. Take care of dreaded tasks.

Celestial preview for the third week

Father’s Day Sunday. Summer officially begins Friday.

June 15

Capricorn – pink, chocolate brown, black, indigo, flannel gray


Capricorn’s mindset trends toward a weekend focus on responsibility.

June 16, 17

Aquarius – turquoise or pink

Monday, Tuesday

Aquarius opposes the sun in the natural zodiac. The accomplishment mode encounters obstacles. Time spent meditating pays off.

Do a kind deed.

June 18, 19

Pisces - ocean green, red, violet

Wednesday, Thursday

Last Quarter Moon on Thursday

Pisces and Last Quarter moon phase continue the course of diminished energy. Imagination, daydreams and creative thinking follow suit. Brewing is a favorable activity. Beauty treatments are compatible with the flow.

Gardening – plant root crops, bulbs, and tubers

June 20, 21

Aries - red, white, orange, yellow

Friday, Saturday

Aries compensates for the diminished energy pattern best applied to lose ends and that which is unfinished. Make the mark and aim – but don’t overshoot. Shopping is favored.

Gardening – remove unwanted growth

Celestial preview for fourth week

A slower moving earth sign joins midcourse last quarter. With it comes a focus on beauty. Gemini’s twins take over the next three days. The features are travel and communication. A transition to Cancer shifts to a home and family focus. New Moon equals fresh beginnings. This phase works best for planning.

June 22, 23

Taurus - pink, pale blue & green, reddish brown, dark tan

Monday, Tuesday

Smell the roses and focus on beauty. Earthy activities center around home, family, and all things lovely.

Gardening – cultivate; plant bulbs and roots

June 24, 25, 26

Gemini - yellow, orange or any color

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Mercurial Gemini quickens the pace. Best activities include travel, communication writing and correspondence. Social gatherings are light and airy.

Gardeners – cultivate soil for aeration

June 27, 28

Cancer - light gray, soft yellow, white

Friday, Saturday

New Moon on Friday

Home, family, and children are in the limelight. Writing is fluent. Shopping and beauty treatments are worthwhile.

Gardening – plant seeds or transplant: irrigate

Celestial preview for final week

Two days of Leo moon are precursor to July’s grand entry.

June 29, 30

Leo - red, orange, yellow, royal blue

Sunday, Monday

Leo’s theatrical flair sets the stage. Ask for favors. Sign contracts.

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