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Day by day, early June, the moon sign way plus gardening advisory

Colorful August skies surround the moon with spectors
Colorful August skies surround the moon with spectors
carol gibson

A month with symmetry, June first is aligned with four more Sundays.

Celestial preview for the month

The first week and first quarter moon in Virgo is timed nicely with as it features a mindset easily focused on cleanliness and organization. Planning is a key word for the start of the week.

Approaching the Full Moon, a rainy start for the week leads to clear days during Sagittarius, a good sign for weekend travel. Summer begins on the twentieth with fair weather following.

Celestial preview for the first week

Sunday’s New Moon in Cancer transitions to three days of a dramatic Leo moon performance. Leo influence is a good bet for honorable business deals. Signed contracts have staying power. The weekend is blessed with balance and purity.

June 1

Cancer - light gray, soft yellow, white


Home and family themes surround the day.

Gardening – plant above ground crops leafy greens

June 2, 3, 4

Leo - red, orange, yellow, royal blue

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

High drama has the spotlight. Ask for favors. Sign contracts.

June 5, 6, 7

Virgo – white, gray, navy blue

Thursday, Friday

First Quarter Moon on Thursday

Virgo and purity blend with the added feature of extra patience. Tedious tasks are easier. Children play an important role. Look for misplaced items.

Gardening – tend to hygienic matters in the garden; remove debris

June 6, 7 (8)

Libra - pink, shades of light blue or green

Friday, Saturday (Sunday)

Organize closets or have a party. Libra’s balancing scales and relationship orientation offer a peaceful atmosphere for either activity. Shopping is a good direction to take. Beautify is a keyword.

Gardening – plant flowers for fragrance and beauty

Celestial preview for the second week

The approaching full moon effects are filtering into the atmosphere. Mysterious Scorpio accompanies Friday the 13th. Fiery Sagittarius shoots an arrow and bestows ease of travel for the weekend.

June 8

Libra - pink, shades of light blue or green


Libra brings pleasantries into the day. Beauty treatments are favored. Shopping is highlighted.

Gardening – plant flowers for beauty and fragrance

June 9, 10, 11

Scorpio - burgundy, turquoise, dark blue

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Scorpio’s shadowy nature harbors hidden suspicions. Fears may be unwarranted. A seduction lingers in the darkness. Create blended recipes. Cut hair to increase thickness.

Gardening – trim to increase growth

June 12, 13

Sagittarius - cobalt blue, purple, tan

Thursday, Friday

Full Moon on Friday

Write, send letters; communication and travel are highlights. Expect candid exchanges. Ask for a favor. Bake bread, cakes, and cookies.

Gardening: stay out of the garden

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