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Day 8: My journey to Fitness America Weekend 2010

Grab a hula hoop and have some fun while you exercise.
Grab a hula hoop and have some fun while you exercise.
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Day 8: 06/08/10

Comments: Today is the start of my second week of documenting my progress. I only lost half a pound. While this was a bit discouraging, I did lose a 2.5 inches and that is a better indicator of my progress since my body could be retaining water. I am going to use the tape measure along with the scales especially with the weather being so hot. There is no telling what my body is doing when it comes to holding on to water.

Today I absolutely had no appetite or hunger. I was planning on drinking a protein shake after hoop practice, but it was so hot. When I came inside all I wanted to do was cool off and shower.

I didnt fall asleep until about 1 am. Exercising late can have do that sometimes. It could be that my metabolism got a kick, and turned up a bit. I was just having so much fun with my hoop that I probably worked too hard, and I started so late. It was still in the high 70’s at 8:15. This was the first time I had practiced my LED hoop out of doors at night. It was so awesome.  Many of my neighbors slowed down while passing by in their cars, but it didn’t bother me. It looks really cool and everyone was just curious. I need to call some of my hoop friends to get together at night. Hooping makes exercise so much fun.

Daily Food Intake: Starting in week two I will be eating some Nutrisystem Foods. I want to do a product review on the diet. All entries from the Nutrisystem eating plan will be noted. After June, I will begin my competition fitness diet.

@Nutrisystem food
+Low glycemic impact

Approx. Daily Totals for Exercise: (Time: 1.50 hours Calories Burned 700)

Daily Totals
Water Intake: (10-16oz Bottles = 1.25 Gallon
Food Intake:  (Calories 890; Carbs 54g; Fat 21.5 g; Protein 78.5g; Fiber 16g)

Breakfast Totals: (Calories 290; Carbs 15g; Fat 13g; Protein 29g; Fiber 5g)
Atkins Endulge Peanut Caramel Cluster Bar+
(Calories 140; Carbs 12g; Fat 9g; Protein 8g; Fiber 5g)
Egg White Omelette w/Weight Watchers Cheese Stick and Olives
(Calories 150; Carbs 3g; Fat 4g; Protein 21g Fiber 0g)
8oz Black Coffee
2-16oz bottles of water

Lunch Totals: (Calories 290; Carbs 31g; Fat 6g; Protein 21g; Fiber 3g)
Three Cheese Pasta w/Chicken+
(Calories 200; Carbs 31g; Fat 4g; Protein 9g; Fiber 3g)
Chicken Breast (2oz) (Calories 90; Carbs 0g; Fat 2g; Protein 12g; Fiber 0g)
Coke Zero
4-16oz bottles of water

Dinner Totals: (Calories 310; Carbs 19g; Fat 2.5g; Protein 28.5g; Fiber 7g)
Chicken Breast (4oz) (Calories 180; Carbs 0g; Fat 2.5g; Protein 25g; Fiber 0g)
Green Beans (1 Cup) (Calories 50; Carbs 7g; Fat 0g; Protein 2g; Fiber 4g)
Fresh Cherries (3/4 Cup) (Calories 80; Carbs 12g; Fat 0g; Protein 1.5g; Fiber 3g)
4-16oz bottles of water

Exercise Tracker
Aerobic Evening: Hoop Practice 1.25 hours
Total Steps for Day measured by HP Pedometer: 7,500
Flexibility - Dynamic Stretching for Kicks and Jumps - 15 minutes
Other - Hoop Dance Practice



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