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Day 7 of 28 Day Diet Plan

Today is Day 7 of the 28 day diet plan. To boost up your energy level I am going to give you examples of exercises. Some you might want to try and some you might not want to.

For exercise today you should try working the upper body by grabbing a pair of weights that you can pick up. Start off with a pair of lighter weights. Then you can try the heavier weights as you progress. Start of with a set of 10 bicep curls do it 3 times so that you have done 30. You can try shoulder presses with a exercise stretchable band to tone your shoulders. Do lateral raises if you want to tone your arms. If your looking to tone your back then do a set of reverse rows. To get instructions on how to do these properly go to Planks and push ups are also a good arm strengthening exercise. 'There are two major types of planks, the full plank, where you balance on both arms, and the side plank, where you balance on one arm.' .If your arm muscles are weak then start off with the full plank, then as you master that and feel comfortable then try the side plank. The side plank is all about putting all your weight on one arm, it takes a lot of balance. Now it's time to eat healthy.

For breakfast try a muffin that has whole grain along with a cup of non fat yogurt. For lunch try a piece of broccoli cheese pie. Here is the recipe link if your interested

For dinner go to Boston, Massachusetts burger joint for a Turkey Mushroom Burger. Enjoy!

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