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Day 6 of 28 Day Diet Plan

Today is day 6 of the 28 day diet plan. You might start to see some results with weight loss and glowing skin complexion.

For breakfast you want to eat a piece of whole wheat bread or a whole wheat roll to keep fiber in our bodies. Wash that down with a smoothie that contains lots of fresh fruits to keep our bodies healthy and energized. For lunch you can try either a Turkey Panini or Turkish Style Pizza. For those who don't know what that is here is the recipe

For a snack you can eat fresh fruit but only a cup because we don't want to fill up before dinner. For dinner you can make it into a fun Mexican style night. Tacos or Chicken Fajitas.

Keep exercising even if it's at work you can do squats, heel lifts or Chair dips. Squats is a simple exercise and is a key staple to make your body look great. It also keeps your legs strong. Heel lifts is a low intensity that will work out your legs, hips and will tone the muscles in your heels. You can do them sitting or standing. Make sure you know your limit because your leg muscles might be sore the next day. Chair dips focus more on toning your arm muscle but it also works out your shoulders and chest. Start off simple with doing 10 reps 3 times through out the day. If the weather is nice and you live near the Boston, Massachusetts go for a walk. Even if you don't live near the city get out and enjoy the scenery. The fresh air will relieve stress and will just give you a boost of energy.

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