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Day 6 Lenten Scripture and Meditation: Matthew 4:12-25

Jesus teaching
Jesus teaching

Scripture Reading: Matthew 4:12-25

Jesus traveled all through Galilee teaching in the Jewish synagogues, everywhere preaching the gospel about the Kingdom of Heaven. (Matthew 4:23)

Effective teaching brings divine truths to life. This is accomplished by relating them to others in a loving and compassionate way. Teaching cannot be effective unless the teacher is a child of God who embraces those truths.

Without the knowledge and practice of biblical principles, teaching will be void of meaning. It will not touch. The spirituality of the teacher definitely has a great deal to do with whether the students are touched or not. The teacher who touches is one who has been touched by the Master Teacher, Jesus Himself.

Jesus touched when he taught, and He should be our example. We should teach with power, compassion and love. The primary purpose of effective teaching is to change lives. We should teach so that biblical truths will be remembered long after the class has ended.

So whether you are leading a home Bible Study or teaching in the church, remember effective teaching is more than reading what's in a manual. It is teaching that touches lives by provoking life application, accountability and responsibility. It is opening your heart and giving to others with enthusiasm what God has given you. And that's teaching that touches.

As you read scriptures and meditate during this Lenten season, remember to teach as you have been taught by Jesus through the word of God.

You are invited to read the scripture and meditation for Day 7 of the Lenten season.

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