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Day 4 of 28 day diet plan

Today is Day 4 of the 28 day diet plan. For breakfast you have your choice of a 'Strawberry Cream Cheese Sandwich' or 'Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon'. For lunch 'Catalan Sauteed Polenta & Butter Beans' and for dinner 'Grilled Chicken Tenders'.

The 'Catalan Sauteed Polenta is generally for people who are non meat eaters but people who aren't vegetarians can eat it to. This is chock full of vegetables and it only has 207 calories per serving. Here is the recipe link for you to try

Today's exercise is Aqua Zumba it's one of the many styles of Zumba. You can some major health benefits from exercising in a pool. It works out your hips, joints, knees to make recent injuries feel less painful. If you are worried about feeling self conscious in a bikini. After taking a couple of Aqua zumba classes it will build of your confidence level. The good thing about this is that working out in water will help build that muscle back and will tone your body making you feel and look great for bikini season.

Now this type of exercise isn't just for women. Men enjoy this type of exercise and it is just as beneficial for men too! Any man who has that unwanted beer belly or who is constantly having joint pain this Aqua zumba exercise will melt away that extra belly fat and will help you with joint pain.

If you don't have a pool then just use a friends, family members or join an Aqua zumba class. Classes are reasonably priced depending on where you go. To join a class check out zumba classes in your area.

If you'd like a break from the kitchen Boston, Massachusetts has a lot of great restaurants that are reasonably priced.

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