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Day 3 of 28 day diet plan

Day 3 of the 28 day weight loss diet plan consists of a banana berry smoothie for breakfast. For lunch a BBQ Chicken Sandwich and for dinner Sausage Gumbo. Don't forget if you get hungry in between meals it's okay to snack. As long as it's a healthy snack which doesn't contain a lot of calories then your good to go. Snacks such as whole wheat crackers with peanut butter and hummus with vegetables are just a few. Here are some food recipes for Day 3. Click on each of the 3 meals I gave up above to get the recipe link.

Today's exercise consists of working in some Zumba. Here's a little zumba tip. Always keep your hips moving. I know it might sound hard at first but once you get the main idea then your golden. Zumba is electrifying and contagious. Tell your friends and family to get them on the action. It's a fun dance workout for everyone to enjoy. It's all about rhythm and how you want to take it. It is usually a fast pace dance routine. You start moving and eventually your arms and feet get into it. If you are a beginner start at a slower pace then as you feel more comfortable you can move at a faster pace. A lot of people can't do the arm movements with the hip movements at first. Just focus on getting the hip movements down first then add the arms.

If you don't feel like cooking you can have the option of ordering take out or eating out. In Boston, Massachusetts you can find tons of restaurants that have a variety of meal options.

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