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Day 2 at Vancouver Web Fest sets a new precedence for other festivals to follow

Karaoke night at VWF 2014
Karaoke night at VWF 2014
Photo courtesy of Misty Chalmers

May 3, 2014, marked the second day of Canada's first festival for local and international webseries.

Tight security
Photo courtesy of Misty Chalmers

In good old Vancouver fashion, the rainy Saturday morning made for a cozy backdrop as Vancouver Web Fest's official selections began at the crack of 9:30am. The big screen and plush red lounge chairs at the Imperial Vancouver accompanied free coffee and popcorn.

Six to ten different webseries screened per block, and each of these blocks were followed by a special guest panel and Q&A with the creators, cast or crew from almost every attending production.

During these panel and Q&A segments, International webseries community members and audience members alike, were able to ask industry related questions and acquire tips to take their own projects further.

Both educational and entertaining, these screenings and panel segments came to a close for the evening with a special treat for VWF guests and audience members.

As the credits for the last webseries of the evening, The True Heroines, began to roll, three lovely ladies in red and white polka dot dresses emerged from the audience.

Sqealing, giggling and dancing, the girls made their way to the stage to reveal themselves as The True Heroines, themselves! The trio performed 3 numbers for the audience, dancing to tunes from the 50's era.

As it turned out, these girls are more than just pretty faces and dancing skirts, but they are the creators of this popular, Vancouver based webseries that they also star in.

Jovanna Huguet and Fiona Vroom stayed on the stage for a Q&A as they were joined by moderator, Mackenzie Gray, and fellow webseries creators from the other official selections screened in that same block.

These other webseries creators in attendance for the Q&A included international guests, Tom Chamberlain and Dipu Bhattacharya of The Pantsless Detective, from Austin, Texas, Marie Caffrey of Cuckoo, from Dublin, Ireland, and Kevin S. Keppy of Shadowbound, from Springfield, Missouri.

After about 20 minutes, this last Q&A segment of the evening came to a close, but that did not mean the same for the evening...or our True Heroines performances.

Jovanna and Fiona returned to the stage one last time, to kick off Vancouver Web Fest's karaoke party, with their own lively rendition of Salt 'n Pepa's hit, Shoop.

That got the party started as other guests followed suit with other karaoke favourites such as Sir Mix-a-lot's Baby Got Back, then Vanilla Ice's one-hit-wonder, Ice Ice Baby and Johnny Cash's never-say-die classic, Ring of Fire.

Thus, drawing a close to yet another successful day and evening(or as it turned out, early morning) for Canada's first ever International webseries festival, the Vancouver Web Fest.

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