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Day 19 of 28 day diet plan

Today is day 19 of the 28 day diet plan. Only 9 days left! Keep up the good work. Today's exercise we are going to try a style of martial arts called karate. In order to be successful at karate you need to be flexible. If you are not flexible then you could try some poses or you can decide that this isn’t the exercise for you. I will give you a few different exercises that will help with flexibility. We use flexibility in our every day life such as reaching for a glass high on a shelf or bending down to pick something up off the ground. There are ranges of flexibility from high to low depending on our age and health.

The first exercise it is called a Horse Stretch. For this exercise you want to get into a low squat to do this spread your legs apart and bend your knees like you're sitting in a chair and hold that position. Move your shoulders to the right side of your body and let your arms hang to the ground.

This exercise is called the Back Stretch. If you can't do it it's ok. It helps your back if you have back pain. Start by sitting on your legs then while sitting bend backwards stretching the muscles in your back. Use your hands to support yourself if necessary.

Here are the meals for today. For breakfast try Maple Nut Granola along with a cup of skim milk. For lunch try Vegetable Chowder. Here is the recipe for you to make at home. For dinner treat yourself to a Mexican dinner. I like Ana’s Taquria in Brookline, Massachusetts just outside of Boston.

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