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Day 17 of 28 day diet plan

Today is Day 17 of the 28 Day diet plan. You should be well relaxed after America's holiday. However you can't get off track. Today's exercise has to do with aerobics which is a form of cardio. Some examples of this include running, jogging, walking, spinning and dancing. Aerobics can also help depression, stress and help us physically. The key to working out is making sure that you do the exercises in intervals. If you need to rest then rest, don't over exert yourself.

The objective to aerobics is to get your heart pumping and to keep you active. For beginners start at 20 minutes and then increase the time as you begin to improve your fitness level. Try a short 5 minute walk then step it up to a jog and then a run do each for 5 minutes. The next day do slow high knees, slow kick backs. Increase the time and pace as you continue. After you exercise take a break and then eat a healthy meal.

Today's breakfast consists of a herb and onion frittata an apple and a glass of skim milk to wash it down. For lunch you have your choice of Grilled Chicken Salad with a Fresh Strawberry Dressing or Grilled Pork Tenderloin Salad Whole-wheat pita bread (1/2 medium pita). The good thing about having choices is you can make both and save the other for a leftover. Leftovers are a great idea epically if your in a rush and don't have time to make it. Just throw it in your lunch bag and your good to go. For a snack you can eat a small bowl of popcorn. For dinner try a Summer Vegetable Crepes. A lot of people like crepes for breakfast. Who said that you can't have breakfast for dinner? So whats in a summer vegetable crepe? A lot of vegetables of your choice and this dish only takes 30minutes to make. Here is the recipe link for you to make I'm sure they have a restaurant around the Boston, Massachusetts area.

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