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Day 16 of 28 day diet plan

Today is Day 16 of the 28 day diet plan. Are you keeping yourself hydrated? Make sure your drinking lots of water to get yourself replenished and refreshed.

Today's exercise is called 'Jazzercise'. Jazzercise contains dance music with a little bit of everything such as yoga and kickboxing. You need to warm up before doing any exercises. Jumping jacks, leg stretches, arm stretches, torso twists, crunches, and a few pushups can we a great warm up routine. To join a class see if there are any in your area by doing a search online. Always bring water, a towel and your work out clothes. Make sure you wear stretchy material or comfortable gym shorts along with a tank top or a regular tee shirt. Warning you will get sweaty so don't plan on attending a wedding right after you do Jazzercise. If you have another obligation make sure you give yourself enough time to shower and change.

Today we are mainly focus on food and nutrition. For breakfast try dry fruit compote with a cup of tea. There are many types of teas and each are beneficial in there own ways. Green tea will reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s. White tea had studies showing it has a lower risk of cancer developing. If you wish to know more about teas and the benefits they have go to the link For lunch try some Green Gazpacho with a cup of skim milk. To hold you over till dinner time you can have cottage cheese and dip your vegetables. To make it easier always keep cut up vegetables and fruits in your refrigerator for easy access. For dinner you can have Grilled Sirloin and for dessert you can treat yourself to Strawberry Sundaes. The best place near Boston, Massachusetts to get ice cream is JP Lick's.

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