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Day 15 Lenten Scripture and Meditation: Jonah 2


Scripture Reading: Jonah 2

Most people who have ever attended Sunday school have heard the story about Jonah. The minor prophet was commanded by God to go to Nineveh to pronounce salvation to the wicked people.

Instead of Jonah doing what God had commanded him to do, Jonah went in the opposite direction.

During this Lenten season, God might ask you to do something you are reluctant to do. Unless you want to end up in the belly of a great fish like Jonah, it is wise to follow God's commandments.

You might not know all the details of what God wants you to do, but you must trust God. You must believe that God will have not require you to do what He has not equipped you to do.

Meditate on the story of Jonah. Compare Jonah's story with your story when you went in the opposite direction after God told you to do something you were reluctant to do.

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