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Day 12 of 28 day diet plan

Today is Day 12 of the 28 Day diet plan. Today is all about strengthening our abs by doing yoga.

If your tired of doing crunches to get flat abs. Here is a new routine where you can still get tight abs. If you can't hold a pose for a long period of time don't worry because you will gain strength as you progress. Do what you can for now. The worst thing you can do for your body is pull a muscle or injure yourself.

The first ab flattening exercise is Lower leg lifts. Lay on your back and put a pillow between your upper thighs. Raise and lower your legs but keep your legs tight so that the pillow doesn't fall. Do as many repetitions as you feel necessary. Another exercise you could try is the Rocking Boat . For the rocking boat you must sit with your knees bent lean back a little so your feet are off the floor. Tip your knees to the side and keep alternating sides. Your arms should move with your knees. Do 10 repetitions or until your satisfied. After you have worked out now it's important to eat healthy and get energy back into your body.

For breakfast try a Southwestern Tofu Scramble. If you aren't fond of tofu you can swap it with whole wheat bread and a cup of fruit. For lunch you have your choice of Broccoli, Cannellini Bean & Cheddar Soup or Spicy Kidney Bean & Bell Pepper Ragout. Here is the recipe link for Spicy Kidney Bean & Bell Pepper Ragout. To munch on during the day you can have an orange it is good for your body and produces a lot of Vitamin D. We need vitamins on a daily basis to keep us healthy. Last meal of the day is try Pork Tenderloin with Fennel.

If you choose take out try Del Fresco's in Boston, Massachusetts. They are a little pricy. Here is a place that is reasonably priced it is called 'Hillstone'

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