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Day 11 of 28 day diet plan

Today is Day 11 of the 28 Day Diet Plan. Hopefully you are staying active.

The exercise for today is Cardio boxing. All your energy and aggression can be taken out on a punching bag or pillow. “This sport improves the cardiovascular and endurance fitness of its participants by providing a high-intensity, calorie-burning routine that promotes optimal physical fitness. “ It is also good for protection if you are in danger. The upper cuts and jabs are exercises that work out your body. To start off you should jump rope to get the blood circulation in your body and it is also a good warm up technique.

The meals for today include a healthy yet simple meal plan. For breakfast have a half a cup of oatmeal with a cup of skim milk. Also you want to make sure you get your fruit in so have a cup of a fruit of your choice. For lunch you can have Tuscan Tuna and White Bean Salad. If you don't like fish then swap it with a salad full of vegetables. For dinner you can chose between Bistro Beef Tenderloin or Spice-Crusted Chicken Breast Steamed Brussels sprouts (1 cup). Here is the recipe link for Spice Crusted Chicken Breast” It takes half an hour to cook and only has 158 calories per serving.

If you don't feel like cooking. Try Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery on 115 Stuart St in Boston, Massachusetts. They have a variety of food on there menu. However don't eat large portions at one sitting. Take some home for left overs for the weekend.

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