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Day 1 of Coachella Weekend 2

Title Fight
Title Fight
Simmons Tobias Photography

Day 1 of the second week at Coachella is now in the past. With an overcast sky working in the festival goers favor, the heat barely spiked above 85, and although there was rumors that rain would hit the desert in the evening, the night went down without a hitch, unless of course you count the madness of trying to get out of the parking lot after Outkast closed the night out.

Coachella at Sunset, Day 1 Weekend 2
Simmons Tobias Photography

With around 50 bands performing on 6 stages and various DJs spinning throughout the day at the Heineken House, it was impossible to catch everything that the festival had to offer. However despite what you might have heard about the festival craze, it was surprisingly easy to weave through the thousands upon thousands of music and culture lovers throughout the day.

The battle between blues and soul rage on in the afternoon when both Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion and Aloe Blacc played opposite tents, and Soul was the clear winner. Jon Spencer only managed to attract about 1/4 of the capacity the Gobi can hold, where as Aloe and his smooth Soul flavor had the Mohave tent overflowing.

Fans of Kate Nash who managed to get to the Gobi tent early and ensured their rightful place in the front of the stage were treated to an enthusiastic Kate jumping the barrier and dancing around in the crowd for "2nd song" Kate then proceeded to lay it all on the stage to the point of perceived exhaustion.

Rolling up to the Mohave stage 5 min before The Afghan Whigs was due to play one might have thought their set was already over. The once mighty Whigs easily drew the smallest crowd of the day. However that didn't stop this vintage rock group from cutting straight through the clutter and giving one of the best "rock and roll" performances of the day.

One of the strangest and most entertaining performances of the night came from LA's own Lucent Dossier Experience. This always evolving amalgamation of performance artists, dancers, and musicians, put on an early show for festival goers looking for a change of pace. If you haven't seen this troupe before I highly recommend checking them out Sunday as they close out the Gobi tent.

With a soothing voice and an epic soundscape, the bearded wonder from France going by "Woodkid" impressed the Gobi crowd with his bombastic yet subdued sound. Mostly known for his music video direction for artists such as Lana Del Rey, and Katy Perry, this multi-talented artist threw down one of the most surprising shows of the night. With a constantly flowing background of landscapes and architectural ruins matched with multiple drums, keyboards and a horn session thrown in for good measure, Woodkid is definitely someone to watch for in the future.

Later in the evening the guitars and the horns reigned supreme with veteran vocalist Bryan Ferry. With backup dancers glittering in black and gold fringe dresses swaying side to side, Bryan and his band created what can only be labeled as sweet baby making music. Even with the sporadic squealing guitars, and his floral print suit, Bryan's mellow stylings were too much for a Coachella crowd too young to appreciate the greatness in front of them.

One tent which was never empty however was the Saraha tent. A haven for EDM afficianados and those who just never want to stop dancing. The Sahara hosted all the top EDM artists such as The Glitch Mob, Martin Garrix and Zedd. Filled with neon lights and lazers a plenty. If you happen to loose your girlfriend during the day, chances are good she would end up here.

As the evening came to a close, party goers were treated to visual insanity in the form of The Knife, who worked the crowd over with a collection of brightly colored outfits, interpretive dancing, and a mixture of unique instrumentations. Having worked through their stage problems from last weekend's snafu, Outkast came out full throttle starting their set off with the crowd favorite B.O.B and adding fuel to the fire with Gasoline. However when they started to slow things down to talk to the crowd about their humble beginnings and sing some love songs, the crowd started to disperse.

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