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'Dawngate' separates itself from the rest of the field at PAX East 2014

Waystone Games

In the world of MOBAs, there are quite a few. However, only a couple standout from the rest of the field. One of those games that players may want to give a shot is "Dawngate" by Waystone Games. At PAX East, Boston Games Examiner caught up with Hunter Howe, the Creative Director of "Dawngate" at Waystone Games.

"Dawngate" is a game that tries to push what the genre means. According to Howe, one of the standout features of the game is the map. "You know the map is really the star of any MOBA game. [It] dictates the strategy of the game, and dictates what you can do." So the game has a two lane map with four objectives that players can capture. These objectives are able to provide an economy similar to an RTS resource node. The eventual goal is to take down a raid boss located at the enemy team's base.

Another interesting feature about "Dawngate" is that roles are virtually predetermined. Meaning that in the character selection screen, not only will players choose their "shapers," but they will also choose a role to play. That role can be a gladiator, predator, or hunter. Additionally, these roles generate their own specific resources based on what they can accomplish. With this feature, the game allows for different variations in strategy such as multiple "junglers."

The characters of the game are known as "shapers." In regards to the lore of the game, "shapers" were essentially mortals who were merged with spirits with different vitalities such as rage, growth, and decay. Therefore, the characters have themed power sets based on their ability to control those powers. Many characters also do not have resources to draw their power from; meaning there is no such thing as mana. Mana only exists in character they felt needed balancing issues. Otherwise, most characters have free reign to use their powers and abilities. This makes for very fast paced games and more dynamic team fights.

We also asked how "Dawngate" would welcome players who are completely new to MOBAs. Due to the fact that the game is still in its early stages, there is no tutorial right now. The game did, however, do its best to "remove [the] complexity that doesn't add depth," according to Howe.

Premium content comes in the form of a loot system that the game has implemented. At the end of every game, players will get a loot bag based on their roll, if the player won, and the amount of "karma" they get from other players. Players will also get "blessings" that contain characters, skins, and other vanity items.

If you were worried that there might be a chance to abuse the "karma" system, don't worry. The more you give, the less its worth.

"Dawngate" is currently in a "community" Beta which means that they are always looking for feedback from the community. There is no set release date. The game is available for download from the "Dawngate" website.

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