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‘Dawngate’ at E3 2014 breaks the meta

Dawngate” has been available for play since May 2013, and hero, Kensu the Mistwalker, was just released on May 27. But this new MOBA made it into EA’s press conference during E3 2014 on June 9.

Dawngate logo
Dawngate logo

The developers discussed the game, stating that “what [they] wanted was characters who were fighting for a purpose.” All the characters you play, the maps that you play on, were conceived of in an epic story arc. You can see this story arc beginning to develop in both the webcomic and the game itself.

“I like that we have a whole section devoted to badass bookish nerds,” one of the developers said, with a picture of Zalgus in frame. No doubt this was also in reference to Zalgus’s sister, Raina Tallund. The siblings are both about lore collection and the protection of books and history. This is something that many gamers may feel particularly inclined towards as it shows the gentle, intelligent people can rise to challenges when provoked.

But what makes “Dawngate” different from other MOBAs currently on the market that already have a ton of characters out and ready for play?

The sky’s really the limit, as was advertised in the press conference, because “Dawngate” is all about breaking the meta, that is, breaking free of the set roles that other MOBAs, such as “League of Legends”, are known for. Cerulean, an armored man with the resilience vitality, is a great example of how “Dawngate” has broken the meta. He can fit all the roles with various skills. He has an area of effect which makes him an effective tactician, capable of harassing enemies and helping gladiators and predators get last hits. The area of effect and skill set up works well in the hunter position depending on how you build him. He has skills that ensure he can get last hits on other champions so he can be an effective predator. And his skills stack up so that he can clear minions easily making him an efficient gladiator.

For “Dawngate” you’re only limited by your choice of build. Other characters, such as Moya, an otter girl with the mobility vitality, fit more closely to the preconceived roles set by more traditional MOBAs - as Moya is best at being a hunter with her skill set - but even when a character might be more suited to something, there is room for experimentation.

All of this allows players to choose the character they like the most and find a way to work that character into the role they prefer playing. Or even fitting them into different roles throughout the day. You’re never limited to one role just because of the character you prefer, and you’re never limited to one character just because of the role you prefer to play.

If you missed the EA press conference or the discussion about "Dawngate" check out the Gamespot archive.

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