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Dawn of Fantasy release date announced

Dawn of Fantasy
Dawn of Fantasy
Reverie World Studios

Developer Reverie World Studios has announced it has reached a publishing deal for its upcoming MMORTS, Dawn of Fantasy, with video games publisher 505 Games. In addition, the companies have announced that the game will be released on June 3rd for the PC.

Set in a fantasy world known as Mythador, the RTS features a single-player and persistent world-wide strategy campaign. Three races (human, elf, and orc) offer different playstyles, and enable players to work together - as well as against each other - toward victory.

Ralph Pitt-Stanley of 505 Games commented via press release that "Dawn of Fantasy is nothing short of the next step in the genre, highlighting the best elements that MMORTS games have to offer with just the right level of considered innovation."

The MMORTS was originally planned for release on the Xbox 360 as well, but is set currently to be released exclusively on the PC. The game will require a retail box purchase, but not a monthly subscription. For more information, visit the official game website.

Dawn of Fantasy is Reverie World Studios' first title. 505 Games has published several video games across multiple platforms, most notably Naughty Bear and Backbreaker.

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