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Dawn Mittleman on clearing clutter keeping treasures and knowing which is which

Dawn Mittleman with ever a lightened load
Dawn Mittleman with ever a lightened load
submitted by Dawn Mittleman

Are your drawers and closets are so filled there is almost no space for you? Children long since left the nest but you are plagued with remorse over throwing away little Gordon’s clay handprint ashtray even though little Gordon is now forty-eight years old, and no one smokes any more? Downsizing and don’t need everything you had to have when you were raising a family? Desk covered with old mail, including envelopes addressed to “Resident” and “Occupant” and the newspaper articles about restaurants you never got to but that have long since gone out of business? Want to meld lives or families without drowning in stuff? What can you or should you toss? How to begin the process of getting-rid-of? And, what, by the way, is that process?

This can be overwhelming to the point of paralysis, but you need not face this alone. Dawn Mittleman of Lighten Up Organizing is someone who is sensitive to life, love and the need to preserve memories, and she has some delightfully clever ways to preserve memories without keeping the possessions that have always evoked those memories.

She advises to keep the material goods that make you happy and let go of things that evoke sadness or fear. Knowing how to let go is important in life, and this is true of material goods as well as emotional baggage. Sometimes organizing what is materially important is a very good start to sorting out the inner self. Dawn, the child who kept things tidy, arranged the doll-house and lined her books neatly on the shelf, says, “Don’t let the stuff hold you down.” From a family who moved frequently from home to home, Dawn was raised with the example of her mother’s being extremely well organized.

For tips on how to organize and what to keep, listen to Dawn talk about the knack of organization, the art of downsizing and what she has to say about vintage clothing and love letters. Yes, the love letters stay but best to think carefully about that vintage clothing. She also has a whole lot else to say that may be helpful to you at any stage of life.

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