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Dawn explains her side of the story in Danity Kane split

Danity Kane
Danity Kane
Photo by Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

Due to tension with Danity Kane, the all-female group initially split in 2009. As of last August, the group had a reunion during the MTV Video Music Awards and in the recent months, released their single, Lemonade. All may have seemed well at first, but now the group has split up again and this time, due to Dawn Richard punching Aubrey O’Day. Both Aubrey and Shannon have stated that the physical attack was unprovoked, but Dawn also has her side of the story.

What looked to be a routine business conversation went downhill when Dawn suddenly punched Aubrey in the back of her head. Hollywood life reported that Aubrey was in the middle of talking with another associate when Dawn physically assaulted her. Aubrey issued a statement claiming that she does not condone any kind of violence. Shannon also chimed in and added that what she witnessed was not a war of words or an all out brawl; it was a single and direct punch. This is apparently not the first time Aubrey and Shannon had issues with Dawn.

Aubrey claims that Dawn would tell small lies which would turn into bigger ones. US Magazine reported that Aubrey worked hard to sympathize with her behavior, but she continued to get worse over time. Moreover, the group members could never agree on anything. Dawn stated her side of the story and informed TMZ that the statements about her are exaggerated and false. Dawn claims that Aubrey and Shannon were conducting business meetings behind her back. The two even went as far as to record tracks that did not have Dawn on them.