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Dawkins his own worst enemy

Atheist scientist Richard Dawkins is known for his bold, harsh attacks on religion, particularly against those who believe in the Bible. Fortunately, he's his own worst enemy.

Dawkins not only hurts his own cause by routinely insulting Christians and other theists, he falls victim to his own illogical thinking. On one hand, he states time and again that the creationist perspective of life being caused by an intelligence is hogwash, yet he's also expressed a belief that aliens may have seeded life on this planet.

So what Dawkins is really saying (besides making it clear that he's the L. Ron Hubbard of the science world) is that he's open to intelligence as a cause of life, as long as that intelligence is not God. And thus he reveals his true colors: He despises the very notion of God, and his reason for this, no doubt, is the one that's common in society: the desire for no moral accountability.

It's likely that many people have never made this connection between creation and accountability, have never realized that being the product of some higher intelligence means being accountable to that intelligence. Richard Dawkins, to his credit, has realized this, but has made ill use of that knowledge.


  • Nick 5 years ago

    While I'm no fan of Dawkins' religious opinions, comparing him to Hubbard is silly. It's easier however to bring up his disparagement of religion rather than deal with his scientific writings.

    >>"It's likely that many people have never made this connection between creation and accountability"

    Are you seriously saying that the ONLY reason you are "moral" is because you're worried about your accountability to a creator? And perhaps possibly a desire to live forever in heaven? That without this threat and appeasement you could not figure out your own morals? Really?

    From an objective standpoint, we are but mere specks compared to the universe, the Creator (if it exists) may even WANT people to be "immoral". Or the Creator may not even care what we do since it has a whole universe to play with (possibly many). And when we all bite the big one, it may not be interested in sharing eternity with any of its semi-intelligent creations. Have you considered these possibilities? I wonder.

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