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Davis stands up for feds aiding STEM success

The federal government's education upgrade efforts proven in STEM education programs run at local school districts are steady. Rep. Susan Davis (D-San Diego) is working in Washington to move ahead on a plan to expand the federal government's investment in education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The mission is to prepare elementary and secondary school students to use STEM skills and competencies learned in education to take a job that fills out a 21st century workforce. Department of Education programs have not yet guaranteed schools can take the next step in student achievement. Schools still stay behind on the 21st century career skills.

Workforce and Education Committee member Davis works with legislators on putting more federal STEM grant money in state hands that can fund school education programs. In early February, she jooined Rep. Barbara Lee in co-sponsoring a Rep. Mike Honda bill the committee considered last March that would give the states more matching grant funds.

Higher funding that lasts is only one goal. The Department of Education depends on the schools taking big steps on plans to meet higher 21st century standards for technical skills used inthe workforce. TO make sure the U.S. students ar enot outdone in competitive STEM skills, the department would set up an Office of STEM Education to watch over the successes gained by the department's STEM programs.

Opportunities for students to achieve higher using breakthrough educaitonal technology, made possible by federal research and development, would ensure the department leads work on workforce development. President Obama's plans to expand the STEM program remain unfinished. This year, there is no break in the work on progress expanding the programs. Keep an eye on Davis' work on the key federal investment.

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