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Davidson County Republican Party Chair voting results: A tie

DCGOP Chairperson Voting Results:

First Round:

  • Kathleen Starnes - 64 votes
  • Brian Lapps - 20 votes
  • Matt Collins - 57 votes


  • Starnes -- 69
  • Collins - 69

*A tiebreaker runoff between Collins and Starnes will likely occur next month, however it hasn't yet been scheduled.

(h/t Kleinheider)

Update note (10:37am March 9): According to an email from Collins: "The official tally of the runoff was 69 votes for Mrs. Starnes and 69 votes for myself. That obviously equals 138 which is less than the number of delegates on the floor. It is also worth pointing out that 4 people in the first election who were not delegates voted illegally, their identities of course remain unknown; but this was inconsequential. At this point it was 11:30am and delegates were leaving due to the fact that many had other activities scheduled during the day. Historically the DCRP convention doesn't normally consume 3 hours so people had planned accordingly. Also more important was the reality that we had leased the room only until noon."

(Correction: The runoff vote totals originally reported here were off by one and have been corrected. Apologies for the error. - MTE)