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David Young embraces peace through Channeling Harrison

David Young's Channeling Harrison
David Young's Channeling Harrison
Square One Publishers

With fifty-five albums recorded in numerous genres, the double flute player/singer/songwriter, David Young, has made quite the name for himself since he is one of very few people who plays two flutes at once.

He has sold over a million albums of his peaceful new age music and more than earned his reputation that includes a standing ovation started by Paul McCartney. That reputation was built through lots of hard work, love for music and a rigorous touring schedule that encompassed playing shows all over the world 40 to 45 weekends a year for over twenty years.

In 2010, Young's life hit a speed bump and through dealing with those issues, his life took a strange, but welcome turn that set him on a completely new path that would take him into a world he had never dreamed of entering.

Afraid of ghosts and someone who did not believe in channeling, Young had no idea what was happening when George Harrison started appearing in his life and he was too young to have been a Beatles fan, but as the many occurrences began to pile up and became too frequent to ignore or explain, he began to chronicle them and in May released Channeling Harrison Book One.

The 256 page book is an account of the ongoing and mind-blowing experiences, "I had ended a nine-year relationship in 2010 and decided to move back to the East Coast because the economy had really gotten bad and with all of the shows I was playing, flying was getting expensive so living in the East Coast meant I could drive to shows. So I ended up in Newtown, Pennsylvania. I was traveling across country and while I was driving there I was looking for some music to cheer me up. I had a pile of cd's and I randomly picked one out and it was The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which was weird because I really was not a fan but it was kind of fitting with the "lonely hearts" part. So I started listening to it and about halfway through George's "Within You Without You" came on and something about it really touched me and brought me a sense of peace. I hit repeat and I just kept playing it. Then after I was in Newtown, I went to my friend's house, who I hadn't seen in probably thirty-something years, and the dvd for Concert for Bangladesh is sitting on his dvd player and I thought that was kind of weird because I'd been listening to this Harrison song in my car over and over again," Young explained. "Then the very next day, for the first time in twenty years of doing shows, I carpooled with another artist from New Jersey down to Baltimore and when I get in this van after I loaded up, sitting on his dashboard is the Concert for Bangladesh. So that was the topper of the whole thing. I could deal with the fact of the first incident the day before and figured it was a coincidence but this was in a twenty-four hour period and it really freaked me out. The guy said that he had two ticket stubs from the concert in a box in his attic for thirty years and had just taken the tape out that morning to listen to on the drive down. I was like okay, so I called up a bunch of my friends who were Beatles fans and they thought it was weird but nobody believed it was anything."

Things continued to get weird when in 2011, he made his first painting: grey triangles surrounded by gold, burgundy and brown. Two weeks later, his girlfriend bought him a book put out by Time magazine on Harrison's life. In it was a picture of him wearing his favorite jacket featuring only four colors: grey triangles surrounded by gold, burgundy and brown, "I would never have made a painting. My girlfriend at the time used to be a painter so I would never have any tried to do that because I never had the talent and after I made the painting and saw the book with the picture in it, all of a sudden it was something tangible that I could show people as evidence. It was a game changer for me because all of my friends knew that I couldn't draw or paint anything. It was really helpful for my credibility."

Young went on to share that eventually Harrison himself appeared to him in his room and played for him and that they even wrote a song together, "I know how that sounds but you have to know that starting in 1983 I didn't have a beer or a glass of wine or any kind of mind-altering anything. These were pure spiritual experiences. This has been the most incredible experience of my life. I had been meditating for twenty-seven years when this thing started but I didn't believe in this thing called channeling. I never thought about having a relationship with somebody who wasn't alive so I couldn't believe when these things started happening in my own life. I didn't understand why George would be interested in contacting me at all but when these things started he definitely got my attention and that was what he was trying to do. He was trying to get me to open my mind to the fact that there were things that he wanted to do."

According to Young, the experiences are still an ongoing thing that sometimes happen 5 or 6 times a day with an occasional day where nothing happens. Because of the frequency of the incidents, he is already working on a Channeling Harrison Book Two, so he can include all of the stuff that has happened since the first book's release, "It really took me a few years to get used to it, because the first two and a half years stuff would happen once every couple of months and then it went to once a week. It's amazing because now I know that there really is life after death, well I like to call it life after life because it's so much friendlier. So it's a wonderful thing because a lot of people, even positive people, unless you've had a near death experience, rarely believe that there is life after death. I think it would be a lot scarier if there wasn't though."

He says the coolest part about the experience is how people working with him and around him would see things and hear things happen, "It's really cool when others are involved in these events. Last year, towards the end of the book when things were really speeding up, I had this experience with a bell. It was just bizarre. I was at my mom's place visiting and every night I had a list of all of the stories to include in the book and with things sometimes happening five or six times a day, I would never catch up. I mean it really was a job so I was up three nights a week between midnight and five in the morning just writing. One night I hit the send button on my phone and I heard this bell from my closet. I opened it and there was nothing there. It scared me and freaked me out. So I wrote another story and when I hit send the bell went off again. This happened seven times and scared me every single time. Finally I started thinking about it an why it was happening. I mean, what I was writing was true so I thought what if I write something in the subject line that's not true. So I hit the send button and the bell didn't ring. I thought oh my god, he's communicating with me through this bell! So it rang twenty-five times that night and then I fell asleep and in the morning I opened my door and asked my mom to come in. I wanted to see if this was a paranormal experience that only I could have. So I wrote something and I hit send and the bell went off. I asked my mom did you hear that and she said yes. I asked her what it was and she said a bell and then I asked her if she knew who that was and she said yeah, it's George. At that point, she had been around me enough that she had gotten used to it too."

After taking time off from his music career to work on his book, Young has returned to the stage but this time he is doing events that combine stories from his book as well as music inspired by his experiences, "I do these events and I show the pictures and I tell the stories and you can just see the audience get to a place where they have to believe this thing. It's cool when the people are involved at the events. People ask me why I believe this is happening and I say that I really think it is a partnership between George and I. He's on that side and I'm on this side but we have the same goal of sharing this experience with people. I believe one of the many reasons is that George had his enlightenment; he dedicated his soul and adult life to meditation and delving into spirituality. When The Beatles went over to India it was really because George had been there first and he wanted to share this with the other guys. They lost interest in it but he continued to go back every six months because he was really into it and it played a huge role in his own music. Honestly, what he has shared with me is that the reason he went was to really try to understand what was happening. The Beatles were together for three years and every record company turned them down at least two or three times. So they went from being this band some people liked playing dance music to getting a record deal and becoming the biggest band in the fricking world. It was a different time than bands have now because there was a time when The Beatles had six of the Top 10 songs. I mean who gets chased around like that anymore? It was so surreal and George needed some insight into what was happening. Every musician in the world wanted to be The Beatles and every woman wanted to marry one of them but nobody had a clue how difficult it was to actually be one of them. They couldn't have a normal life."

Young realizes that there is a lot of skepticism out there and says that he was once in that class as well but says the best part about these events that he has been doing is seeing so many people start to believe, "In the beginning when I'm sharing this with people many are skeptical but at the start I always ask how many of the audience has had a experience with a lost loved one and there is always a handful of them who raise their hands. If you think of that in a global way, then half the world is having these experiences and connecting with their loved ones. So I always have some time where I guide the audience in meditation through playing spiritual music and guiding them to open their minds and hearts to it."

He says many members of his audience have had moments where they have seen their deceased loved one and are able to say some of the things that they did not have a chance to say. Guided by Harrison, he says the first event he ever did ended up coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles' performance on the Ed Sullivan show and that at one point during the event, he says he saw George in the back of the venue along with what appeared to be light beams over the heads of the audience. He believes that the he is the one arranging their visits with their loved ones, "He brings them along so they can reconnect on Earth. Is that not the trippiest thing you have ever heard in your life," Young shared.

Whether you believe in the whole idea of channeling or not, it is clear that the experience has given David Young a sense of purpose and peace on what he calls his "guided journey of music and meditation" and he has used the experiences to enhance his beautiful music.

To hear more of Young's music check out his sampler of The Most Peaceful Music.

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