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David Wolfe says graviola good for brain, kidneys, and blood sugar control

You can grow graviola as a houseplant or in your garden.
You can grow graviola as a houseplant or in your garden.
Mary MacIntyre

Yeah, for the power of herbs. Most locals have never hear of graviola. Fortunately, Herbs Etc. sells some. Herbs Etc. is located on Cerrillos Rd just before Baca St. in Santa Fe NM. Herbs Etc. products are available at most health food stores throughout New Mexico, however you may have to order graviola online.

Listen to David Wolfe talk about this herb. As graviola helps modulate blood sugar, and helps support kideny function, the herb can be used to improve your weight loss management. Dr Oz's show also talked about the benefits of graviola, watch this clip of his discussion. In this clip the focus was on immune support benefits.

Graviola has been reported to help brain function as it can simulate seratonin. This mostly helps modulate mood. It also has been reported to assist better sleep function. refer to an earlier article on sleep and how a good night's sleep aids weight loss too.

In looking up graviola and brain several links implied that it is not beneficial for compromised immune systems. Here's an article link that discusses these concerns and includes more research references. Continue research if you have a compromised immune system!!!

Also in LARGE RED PRINT on Herbs Etc. webpage is the warning do not take if you are pregnant.

Graviola seems to be a truely powerful herb that has been used long term by Amazon populations. When using the tincture, follow directions, and perhaps even try using less. In this initial research no claims were made about dramatic weight loss. However, balancing hormones, improving blood sugar modulation, and naturally eliminating toxins through healthier kidneys can all support weight loss efforts. This one herb may mean you can reduce other weight loss supplements. Talk to your herbalist, pharmacist, or practioner about combining different herbal formulas at one time.


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