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David Schwimmer helps NYPD nab the stabber

Actor David Schwimmer attends a special screening of 'White Gold' at Museum of Modern Art on November 12, 2013 in New York City.
Photo by Rommel Demano/Getty Images

David Schwimmer is cooperating with the New York Police Department to help put a would-be robber behind bars. The actor known best for his role as Ross on "Friends" invited NYPD investigators into his East Village townhouse on Monday to view surveillance tapes caught on his home security system. The New York Daily News reported on Tuesday that Schwimmer's tapes helped the NYPD make an arrest.

It all started at 5:48 a.m. in an apartment next to David Schwimmer's townhouse. Schwimmer's neighbor, a 26-year old male was allegedly stabbed in the face after catching a would-be robber in his home. This is where the story gets weird.

The neighbor, who has not been identified, was reportedly in his bathroom having sex with a transgendered prostitute when he heard someone in the living room. When he went out to investigate, he saw a man trying to steal his computer. Apparently the hooker and the thief were working together in a little scheme because the prostitute then sprayed the victim in the eyes with pepper spray. Meanwhile the victim got his hands on a box cutter and tried to fight off the robber. He lost the box cutter in the fight though and he ended up getting slashed across the face.

As the trio fought, they spilled out into the hallway where David Schwimmer's security system picked up footage. From that, police were able to identify 21-year old Robert Rainey as the attacker and attempted thief.

Incidentally, Rainey also through a brick through the lobby window on his way into the building. He suffered minor cuts to his arms from the brick toss and was treated at Beth Israel Medical Center before being taken into custody. Rainey has been charged with robbery, criminal mischief, assault with intent to cause dismemberment and disfigurement, and criminal possession of stolen property.

Schwimmer's neighbor was not charged with any crime and the transgendered prostitute's identity remains unknown. Police credit Schwimmer's surveillance system for helping aid in the arrest. Prior to viewing the footage, NYPD investigators were relying solely on stories told by those involved.

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