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David Scholey

David Scholey with the lion he killed
David Scholey with the lion he killed
Safari Bwana

David Scholey

I intentionally left off the Sir, as he does not deserve the title. The man, a millionaire banker, paid his way to get the title of Sir, and his actions are anything but knightly.

Paying with his millions he gets from the massively corrupt world of banking, this subhuman not only puts a bad name on knights, but a bad name on people that hunt.

Hunting for food, for things you eat, is one thing. We all must eat to survive (granted some do not eat meat), and hunting can be a very honorable thing to do if done properly. Having hunted myself for deer, dove, and duck, anything and everything that was hunted was hunted for food, not to waste a life for the sake of having a head to place on the wall.

“Trophy hunting” in general is sickening. Hunting for food, on the other hand, means that you respect the animal, you use every part of the animal you can for nourishment and hides, and you don’t have to take out the biggest and best animal in the land.

As Dale Earnheart said “When he was young, I told Dale Jr. that hunting and racing are a lot alike. Holding that steering wheel and holding that rifle both mean you better be responsible. Dale Earnhardt”

What this really means is that, in either case, you have to be responsible in your actions or very bad things can happen.

What this Scholey person did was paid his way to go “legally” hunt down and kill an animal that he not only has no intention of using other than a trophy, but also an animal that is endangered.

Still in complete denial that he did anything wrong, Scholey had this to say: I have been hunting all over the world for many, many years and I have always hunted within the legal arrangements of the country concerned. I regard that as an entirely personal matter. All the animals I hunt are wild beasts. And I have felt threatened by them at times. The lion I killed certainly wasn't an endangered species where I was hunting it."

So, he was so scared that he paid to have guides take him on special hunts for animals that, regardless of what he claims, he knew was endangered (an 8 year old knows that lions are endangered…)?

Here is a link to sign a petition to have this crappy human’s knighthood revoked, please sign: