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David's BBQ Restaurant in Arlington TX celebrates 100 years with $1 sandwiches

David's Barbecue restaurant is celebrating 100 years of barbecue sandwiches
David's Barbecue restaurant is celebrating 100 years of barbecue sandwiches
Veronica Hobson

Barbecue restaurants have been the business of this family for 100 years. David’s BBQ can trace their heritage back to 1910 when Elias Bryan started his first bbq restaurant in Oak Cliff. Now Elias’ great grandson, Jimmy Harris, is the latest in a long line of brisket smokers and meat carvers. Harris is commemorating the 100 year anniversary by selling sandwiches for $1.00, a penny for every year in business.

Elias Bryan’s son began the Red Bryan’s Barbecue restaurant around 1930. Next Elias’s grandson opened Sonny Bryan’s Barbecue and later sold it to a chain restaurant. Another grandson, David Harris, opened a Red Bryan’s in Arlington in 1965. He sold this restaurant in 1986. In 1988, he opened David’s Barbecue. Now Elias Bryan's great grandson, Jimmy, runs David’s Barbecue, the last restaurant in the family line.

Marking time with inexpensive sandwiches is another family tradition. In 1980, on their 70th anniversary, David’s Barbecue sold sandwiches for 70 cents. In 1990, David’s Barbecue sold sandwiches for 80 cents for their 80th anniversary. Most recently, sandwiches were 95 cents when they celebrated in 2005.

February 13 marks the 100th year of the barbeque business for the Bryan/Harris family. Every Tuesday in February David’s barbecue will be selling sandwiches for $1. Sandwiches are limited to one per customer and are for dine in customers only.

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  • Ken 5 years ago

    Best barbeque in Arlington, in Texas, probably in the world. Outstanding at Red Bryan's on Collins in Arlington, which burned down in the '70s. Now, as David's, the same seasoned furniture, cowhorn wall deco, same delicious giant onion slices, world's greatest potato salad, and The Barbeque, and more. Forget the $1 thing - everyday price is reasonable. Try it while it's still there. Recommended: sandwich plate, sliced beef, potato salad, cole slaw. It's a meal. You won't be sorry!

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