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PayPal President David Marcus declares internal war on PayPal employees

All presidents of past and present have their great moments including this latest one from PayPal president David Marcus, who threatened on 2/12/14 to internal PayPal employees in the San Jose, California offices that weren't regularly using or recommending the PayPal app to use the PayPal app more or find work elsewhere, first reported by Venture Beat.

David Marcus Pay Pal President declares internal war on Pay Pal employees.
David Marcus Pay Pal President declares internal war on Pay Pal employees.
David Marcus Pay Pal President declares internal war on Pay Pal employees
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This brings new meaning to the infamous movie quote

Didn't you get that memo?"(Office Space)

Mr. David Marcus sent out an tersely worded internal memo to PayPal employees that weren't using the app daily, recommending it to new users, and not remembering their PayPal passwords.

It’s been brought to my attention that when testing paying with mobile at Cafe 17 last week, some of you refused to install the PayPal app (!!?!?!!), and others didn’t even remember their PayPal password. That’s unacceptable to me, and the rest of my team, everyone at PayPal should use our products (David Marcus Pay Pal President)-Venture Beat.

The internal memo went on to further badger PayPal employees for not cutting it in the San Jose, California PayPal offices, where he scolded the employees for not keeping up with new lead volumes for businesses that don't use or endorse PayPal as form of payment at checkout or in store. The San Jose, California PayPal employees were thrown into the bonfire that did not let up.

The President David Marcus went on to further chastise employees for not making the best use of their time with not hacking the vending machines in their break rooms as other PayPal offices apparently do on a regular basis to have PayPal accepted as a form of payment. To Mr. Marcus, this represented a lack of passion for using PayPal everywhere to it's own employees. The next day David Marcus mentioned on Twitter that his own credit card was hacked. So Mr. Marcus may not be a free endorser of all forms of hacking after all.

When Venture Beat, reached PayPal for comment they mentioned that Mr. David Marcus has been saying similar things like this for awhile now. PayPal also stated that this is the new pathway for the future that Mr. Marcus is forging and to expect comments like this to continue until he sees results.

In the end, the memo ended with a love it or leave it message that reminded all PayPal employees that Mr. David Marcus is looking forward and beyond. PayPal employees of the San Jose offices will now lay awake at night with his final words floating in front of their eyes.

In closing, if you are one of the folks who refused to install the PayPal app or if you can’t remember your PayPal password, do yourself a favor, go find something that will connect with your heart and mind elsewhere,”(David Marcus)-Venture Beat

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