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David Levine of Geostellar, A Sustainable Solution Oriented Company

Building  a sustainable solution company
Building a sustainable solution company
David Levine

In an interview with David Levine, Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Owner of Geostellar solar company many new things were learned with regards to going solar and saving money in the energy use of your home. Mr. Levine founded his company four years ago, and he is witnessing tremendous success with helping individuals adapt their private homes to solar powered sustainable homes.

According to there are significant changes going on in the evolution of switching to solar powered homes in the United States,

“The solar market is still dependent on state-level subsidy programs. However, California is witnessing a significant change as it phases out solar incentives for residential projects. According to GTM Research, 51 percent of residential PV systems were installed with no help from the California Solar Initiative -- a trend that GTM's Shayle Kann calls "the beginning of a monumental shift in solar in the U.S."

Hopefully, we can begin to see some concrete future development in this change from oil and gas powered homes to sunlight.

David Levine is a Yale Graduate, he edited books for The World bank back in the early 1990’s and he even wrote and published one of the first online books back in 1991, prior to the internet online explosion.

David is also a real human, with a family and a residence in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, a place that he has grown to love in the last eighteen years that he has lived here. I meet with him in a lovely coffee shop known as Mellow Moods Café and Juice bar on 119 West German Street in Shepherdstown.

He shows me the computer program he uses that assesses the advantages of switching to solar powered energy right there on his tablet. Basically, this computer program can be pointed at any home in any neighborhood and it figures out the current energy uses of the home and what you would save by switching to solar. An incredible device, it is quick and painless in its development of its assessment.

He travels a lot to the states with a lot of sunshine, such as Arizona and California where the sun is a constant source of energy. It is an impressive interview and I learn a lot. I truly hope Geostellar makes a huge impact on our country in its sustainable resource idealism.

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