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David Letterman wipes the floor with Comcast!

David Letterman hosting Colin Firth and telling how it is about terminating a Comcast account during his July 14, 2014 week shows.
David Letterman hosting Colin Firth and telling how it is about terminating a Comcast account during his July 14, 2014 week shows.
Photo courtesy of CBS.

Late night talkshow host David Letterman has been telling us how it is about terminating a Comcast account and dealing with the telecom services provider in general, during a couple of his July 14, 2014 week shows…

On Thursday night, while presenting British actor Colin Firth, who was donning his sexy new spectacles and promoting Houdini film “Magic in the Moonlight” Letterman opened the show wrapping up about how Comcast responded to a recent complaint made by one of their customers upon not been allowed to close his account.

Letterman quipped, “Did you hear about the guy who called Comcast to cancel his service, but the Comcast rep wouldn’t let him? Kept him on the phone for 20 minutes. Comcast handled the fallout really well…”

They then cut to an announcement: “Comcast apologizes for the way our call center representative handled the customer attempting to cancel his service. In response, we’ve developed an online method to quickly close your account. Simply submit your name and account number to: www/” (yup, it’s that simple!)

With his poker face, the late night host then remarked: “Comcast: We Drink All We Can, The Rest We Sell.”

The night before, for his show featuring actress Emma Stone who was also promoting the Houdini film, David debuted his announcement about the Comcast complaint, surmising that the rep was probably anticipating a bonus from Comcast, but since the conversation exchange was captured on audio/video, he would probably be reprimanded in some way for upsetting the customer, just to make a show of it...

The understanding was that Comcast has to pretend now that they don’t condone their customer service reps behaving in such a manner and giving their customers a hard time when they want to cancel service, but alluded that that’s probably exactly how they are trained to handle a cancellation in the first place...

The 67-year-old talkshow veteran then added fuel to the fire by doing his “Top 10” routine, this time about the “Top Ten Things Said by a Crazy Customer Service Representative:”

10. “How'd you get this number?!”
9. “For each question you ask, I'll remove an article of clothing”
8. “Are you breaking up with me?!”
7. “Hang on -- spilled my beer”
6. “Press 1 to speak to my alter ego, Super Tom!”
5. “To continue in Spanish, move to Mexico”
4. “Excuse my whispering, I mustn't wake mother”
3. “Let's talk about MY problems”
2. “To access your account, I'll need your name, phone number, and inseam”
1.“What's your address? I'm coming over”

The David Letterman Show ends this December, as many of you may well know. Meanwhile, Letterman has been doing a great job and going out in style. Well done David Letterman for telling it exactly how it is!

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