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David Letterman: No scandal he can't handle


AP Photo/CBS

David Letterman

April 12, 1947

06:00 AM

Indianapolis IN, USA

A concerned “advocate for women” wrote in requesting a chart summary for talk show host David Letterman. This curious mind specifically believes the current controversy surrounding Letterman will mark the end of his career. Let’s see what the stars have to say. 

In Letterman’s chart, the stars are immediately in his favor regarding a continual flourishing career, specifically as a talk show host. Not only does his vocation remain in his stars, but the placement of Uranus in Gemini in the Second House suggests Letterman has a gift to connect and relate to others in a way that is novel, brilliant and heartfelt. 

The next planet to appear in Letterman’s chart is Saturn in Leo in the Fourth House. With this placement, we know Letterman was destined to be a daddy. He places his heart into parenting. The Fourth House placement is typically reserved for individuals who establish their own family late in life. Letterman is also learning to better express his personal emotions as the years go by. 

Though retrograde, Pluto is also in Leo in the Fourth House. This placement suggests establishing his own family marked a turning point in Letterman’s life – one of personal growth and fulfillment. On a non-domestic note, this placement is reserved for intensely creative individuals. Letterman has a mind like no other. 

In the Sixth House, Neptune is retrograde in Libra. This is an interesting placement for relationships, but not a bad one. He’s always preferred relationships over time alone. Relationship wise, he enjoys people from all walks of life. He’s more motivated by others’ personalities than by physical appearances. This is NOT the placement of a womanizer. This is the placement of a relationship junkie. Relationships aside, it appears that Letterman experiences an “Aha” moment pertaining to his health. At some sudden point, he realized that his physical well-being depended on not only healthy eating and outward care, but equally on mental peace of mind. 

The last retrograde planet in Letterman’s chart is Jupiter in Scorpio in the Seventh House. This placement is where Letterman’s vigorous personality comes front. Not caring much for fluff, he has a knack for cutting right down to the meat of the matter each and every time. This is a part of his endless drive. With this, we know he won’t be retiring any time soon! Additionally, this is a great placement for relationships, again suggesting Letterman does not care for superficiality. Instead, he makes a deep connection with whom he engages in a personal relationship. 

Moving on to the Ninth house, we find the Moon in Capricorn. With this, we know Letterman places his heart and soul into his career. This is also a placement characteristic of forthright, trustworthy and integrity-driven individuals. 

Venus is found in Pisces in the Eleventh House. This is another positive placement for Letterman, suggesting he is career-committed, self-sacrificing, altruistic and a family man. 

Mercury is also in Pisces, but in the Twelfth House. This is an interesting placement for Letterman’s chart. This placement of Mercury suggests Letterman is a very right-brained thinker. He is highly intuitive. When something strikes a deep emotional chord, he’s also a closet poet. He loves to help others and he appreciates those who help him. Though he is best known for his comedy, he has a knack for striking a sincere emotional chord with his audience. On a similar note, it is important to Letterman to speak words of meaning. Spiritually, this placement indicates Letterman still contemplates many life-after-death subjects. 

Next in the Twelfth House is Mars in Aries. Apparently red heads (this one specifically) are temperamental. He’s a skillful doer, determined to produce and deliver to those eager to receive. His drive is relentless and the public should expect to see no less of Letterman in the years to come. 

Last in the Twelfth House and in Letterman’s chart is the Sun in Aries. This placement ensures us Letterman is promptly perceptive, impulsive, and brave for any justified cause. All in all, he cares about people and would be a good ally to have on your side.  

* The information in the above article is not the opinion of the author, but rather an astrological interpretation based upon the placement of the planets in the houses of the celebrity’s birth chart. Charts are said to be less accurate when the time of birth is not known. Chart pulled, courtesy of Science of Astrology. To have your own birth chart e-mailed to you, please visit Science of Astrology