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David Lee Roth solo album finished

David Lee Roth
Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

David Lee Roth has wrapped up a new solo album according to John 5 of Rob Zombie band. The on-again-off-again Van Halen frontman and current Rob Zombie guitarist have collaborated on the record that was reportedly finished about a year and a half ago.

John 5 told rock journalist, Mitch Lafon, "Dave and I just made another record, and it’s, like, the ‘California Sessions’, he was calling it. And it’s 11 of the greatest songs you’ll ever hear, and it’s just me and Dave, and we had Gregg Bissonette play drums on it. And it’s unbelievable. There’s a song called Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bar & Grill. And you know, just great, great songs. And hopefully sometime it’ll see the light of day. But he’s, of course, busy with Van Halen and all that stuff. But it’s an incredible record."

John 5 said that working with Dave was just like it used to be and that his sound hasn't changed much, John 5 was selected by Roth to play lead guitar on the 1998 release "DLR Band." The guitarist added that the record sounds like Dave from "Van Halen I" or "II " or "Women And Children First" era. Vintage David Lee Roth with all the "Aaaahaa's!" And "Ooooooh Yeah's!" Should be good news for fans.

The original voice of Van Halen promised back in December that a VH release was 18 months out and would be ready by middle of 2015, it was technically 14 years between Van Halen's last two albums. Diamond Dave and Eddie Van Halen had been writing and starting to put music together but because of the band's intricate attention to detail and their involvement with the entire artistic process the timeframe for completion was estimated at a year and half.

VH fans always want more, when Roth left the band after "1984" and years later joined up for a short while only to disappear again it tugged at fans hearts. Then Roth reunited for real with Van Halen and critics acclaimed that the band was back to their classic form. Fans can now get excited for double the diamond fun with Roth's solo project and VH album to be released hopefully next year.

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