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David Kowal and Candice Courtney discuss new album collaboration

I Am: Candice and David
I Am: Candice and David
Courtesy of David Kowal

Candice Courtney’s album I Am is the result of a collaboration with David Kowal. In this unique interview, they answer questions on this collaboration and more together as a musical unit:

W.E. How did this wonderful collaboration occur and what was the collaborative process like?

D.K. & C.C. It all started with a question, “Would you like to record a song I wrote?” Candice accepted David’s request and from there we realized that we work really well together. We started writing one of our first songs called, “Dance Floor.” The idea started literally on the dance floor at Candice’s wedding. Believe it or not 15 minutes later we had a song!

Our collaborative process is effortless. It begins either with lyrics or an idea for a melody. It is the most enjoyable part of what we do.

W.E. Who and what are the biggest influences/inspirations on the music?

D.K. & C.C. Our life experiences influence us the most and we aim to create music with a positive message that uplifts our listeners.

Candice’s early influences include, Fleetwood Mac, her background in musical theatre, and Sarah McLachlan. David was most influenced by artists like Stevie Wonder, more Rolling Stones than Beatles, and a lot of jazz greats like, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Herbie Hancock.

W.E. What are your thoughts on the current Los Angeles music scene?

D.K. & C.C. One any given night there is great music happening anywhere and everywhere in Los Angeles. Whether it’s a surprise solo act at an open mic or an amazing concert at the Hollywood Bowl, the LA music scene has something to offer any musician regardless of what level they are at in their career.

W.E. Where can readers/listeners find out more and get to hear your music?

D.K. & C.C. Well, we have a website at You can like us at our Facebook fan page and listen to our music on iTunes.

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