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David Hasselhoff sells ‘Knight Rider’ car for charity; KITT sold to collector

David Hasselhoff sold the Knight Rider car
David Hasselhoff sold the Knight Rider car
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

David Hasselhoff is a charitable guy and he has sold the “Knight Rider” car to prove it. The popular actor has selflessly given up a prize possession in order to help others in what has to be a very generous contribution. According to WTVA on Tuesday the actor sold the 1986 Pontiac Firebird based on the computer-controlled Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) supercar from his hit 1980s TV show for $150,000.

The car was a gift from a fan and it had special meaning to the actor, but it obviously was part of a bigger plan to help others. David Hasselhoff expressed surprise and delighted that the show “Knight Rider” helped others in different ways with even the car making an impact.

David Hasselhoff revealed that he put the one-of-a-kind vehicle up for sale in April. With bids coming in from around the world, the seller was a car enthusiast bought it for a $150,000. Living in Turkey, the car needs to be shipped to the new owner so he can enjoy a piece of television history.

The best part about David Hasselhoff is how he has helped others once again. Long after the “Knight Rider” show has ended, the impact is giving a charity some much needed funding. The Starlight Children’s Foundation will receive the cash after the seller has finalized the transaction. There might be more money for the charity as to Julien's Auctions' Hollywood Legends 2014 sale is auctioning off a few other Hasselhoff items too.

When it comes to generous celebrities, David Hasselhoff has always been on the top of the list. The star is seen at charity events, supporting auctions to raise money and even giving up some personal items to make a difference. One of many older stars in Hollywood who give back to the fans, the fans are always very appreciative to see the selfless efforts.