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David Hasselhoff calls fan’s mom to say 'Hi'; tweets photo to confirm

David Hasselhoff with a fan
David Hasselhoff/Twitter

David Hasselhoff is one cool dude. The entertainer has been playing Captain Hook in Peter Pan at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham, but more importantly he has been connecting with fans. On Saturday the actor did something really special for one fan and she told the world about it. Connecting with the Daisy Wills, David Hasselhoff took a picture and then he took her phone to call her mom.

“Thanks for the pic and the phone call to my mum @ DavidHasselhoff,” tweeted Daisy Wills from her official Twitter account. The post included a picture of Daisy and David and to make it even more authentic, David Hasselhoff posted the photo to his Twitter account too. Smiling ear to ear, the photo gave Daisy's mom proof that she really was talking to David Hasselhoff and not some impostor.

David Hasselhoff has always been known for being eccentric. The actor does sometimes go overboard, but he always goes all out for his fans and his actions are appreciated. Offering to call a total stranger (who obviously is a fan) on a whim goes to show the kindness of this actor. There have been whispers about Hasselhoff’s generosity in Hollywood, but it is great to see the actor in action.

And who knows, he might have even offered to meet Daisy’s mom for lunch! Wouldn't that be cool!

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