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David Fincher's "Gone Girl" Adaptation Will be Released This Fall

On the day of her 5-year wedding anniversary, Amy Dunne disappears. Her husband Nick Dunne reports her missing. Blood on the floor, no ransom call… the scene looks grim and evidence is stacking up. Is it possible that Nick murdered his wife?

The highly anticipated release of New York Times Best-Seller Gone Girl, is set for October 3rd of this year. The adaptation is directed by David Fincher and while the book’s author Gillian Flynn wrote the screenplay, there’s been talk of a different ending residing in the third act. While I'm sure Flynn wrote a script that does her book justice, it was the book’s ending that really resonated with readers in the first place.

In my opinion, the casting choices were brilliant- Amy Dunne is played by Rosamund Pike, who looks like she could have just walked out of the book's pages. I have a feeling Neil Patrick Harris will give an exceptional performance as Desi Collings- Amy's wealthy and eccentric former boyfriend who is still eerily attached to her. Ben Affleck is Nick Dunne, a husband desperately fighting to prove his innocence, although his actions continuously seem to betray his cause. There’s already speculation over whether this role will bring Affleck an Oscar win.

Love, betrayal, mystery and revenge- Gone Girl’s got it all. Watch the trailer for a sneak peak into David Fincher’s latest masterpiece.

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