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David Curtis: "It Is What It Is" Album Debut really is what it is...Euphoric

Lakewood, Oh-- On Friday, January 17, 2014, The Foundry Concert Club hosted the CD release/debut party for singer and songwriter, David Curtis.

Photographs of David Curtis from his debut album release & performance, CD photographs and one from when David was 4 years old playing his father's Kalamazoo SG guitar.
Toni Geib (Bella Fotos)

David Curtis' "It Is What It Is" album debut brought in many local and new faces to hear his riveting album performed live. Every song is filled with compelling lyrics about his past experiences; sang with deep, inveigled emotion. All the lyrics within the tracks were written and conducted by Curtis himself. The bassline and drumbeats are that of musical talents; Mark Matthews (bass) and Adam Mercer (drums). The three musical artists perform so smoothly together in this album like honey.

So who is David Curtis? At first glance, clean-cut, young Curtis looks like your average 'banker' type. One wouldn't realize that under that suit and "Elvis baby-face" there is a driven, highly talented performer on the rise that will undoubtedly be snatched up quickly by a record label.

David Curtis is a musical prodigy and self taught guitar player. At the very young age of four, Curtis was introduced to music and was particularly captivated by guitarist Joe Satriani's “Surfing With An Alien”. Because of his admiration at such a young age for the renowned guitarist; his father at Christmas purchased him his first mini acoustic guitar. Which gave his son a creative outlet in the world of music.
By the time Curtis reached high school, he was introduced to a harder genre of rock such as; "Tool and Korn". Maynard James Keenan (Tool, A Perfect Circle) and Jonathon Davis (Korn) influencing Curtis' style of vocals and a progressive non-conforming song writing.

These introductions molded and inspired Curtis to create his own style. Curtis has spent his young life writing lyrical music, utilizing his self taught talents to express his inner poetic thoughts.
There are 10 tracks on Curtis' debuted album, "It Is What It Is":


Absorbed By You
It Is What It Is

The Ditty
Cry Myself To Sleep

My Own Valentine
Made Of Stone

My Only Exception
Searching For Answers

Check out David Curtis' new album "It Is What It Is" (for sale) on itunes. To follow David Curtis' performance and updates, like his facebook fan page and bookmark his website for upcoming concerts.

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