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David Crowder Band at Lutheran Church of Hope


David Crowder Band is coming to play at the Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines this Saturday night.  David Crowder Band was born out of Texarkana, at Baylor University.  David Crowder, the band’s frontman noticed that church attendance was shockingly scarce at the Christian university. He began leading worship there, and now the band tours across the nation. 

With worship music that ranges from bluegrass, to electronica, to rock opera, to acoustic, seeing the band live is an experience from beginning to end. The music is packed with praise and matched with lives of praise from the artists. David Crowder Band is also a part of the Passion Conferences, and organization devoted to igniting the hearts of students to follow Christ fervently. Also, Last year on the Remedy tour David Crowder Band addressed the needs of the cities they played in by involving the audience in bringing items for a local homeless shelter.  

Come check out David Crowder Band for a night of transcendent music and be challenged to live lives of praise. The band is playing at Lutheran Church of Hope at 925 Jordan Creek Parkway in West Des Moines at 7:30.

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