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David Cook helps out a family on Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC

ABC ‘s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition continues to touch lives and change them for the better. On tonight’s episode, Ty Pennington went to help the Cowan-Brown family who live in Bunker Hill, IN. Their 12-year old daughter, Kori, is battling a congenital blood disease which attacks her immune system and the family’s home is a converted barn that has a huge mold problem which exacerbates Kori’s illness. Kori also has been a champion for raising funds to fight cancer. EMHE has invited rapper Xhibit and rocker David Cook to come to help build a new home for this deserving family.

David Cook and the Cowan-Brown family

I love how this show because it really has the ability to change a family’s life by providing a new home for a family that has been struggling to make end meet and who deserve it so much. Kori, despite her own illness, takes time to help raise funds for cancer research. She wants so much to help others. Her father also volunteers his time to repair cars for those can’t afford to get their car’s repaired. I have personally volunteered with other charities that build and repair homes for the poor in my own community so this show really has a special place in my heart. It is amazing to see what can be accomplished when so many people come together and can use their talents to build a house in such a short time.

This episode was great because we got to see footage of the behind the scenes work. An auction was held to help raise funds for cancer while Kori was on vacation with her family. David Cook volunteered his creative skills with other volunteers to make pillows for the auction. These pillows were made with bracelets that Kori made and sold to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. These were sold at the auction along with an elecrtic guitar that David signed.  And all funds that were raised went to the American Cancer Society. It is especially great to see David Cook, who lost his own brother to brain cancer last year, giving of his time to help this family and such a great cause at the same time.

This show really does a great job at showing how building a new home for a deserving family can make their tomorrow so different and better. Take a look at the preview and be sure to check out EMHE’s website for further details on donating money to Kori’s cause and how to find out more about the show.


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